Thereza Bazar is Dollar Singer

November 30, 2008

Meet Thereza Bazar, one half of the British pop duo Dollar. Read her biography and see videos of her here.

Thereza Bazar, British singer and one half of the duo Dollar, is back in the news for voicing her displeasure with ex-partner David Van Day. David is competing on the British reality tv show I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. Thereza said:

“I hope that awful vain man swallows a worm and chokes on it.”

Thereza Bazar Biography

British-Canadian singer Thereza Bazar was born on May 23, 1957 in Toronto, Canada. Best known for being half of the pop duo Dollar, the 51 year old currently lives in Australia in an approximately $2 million home in Vaucluse, an Eastern suburb of Sydney.

Thereza Bazar started her singing career with the 1970s group Guys n’ Dolls. She met David Van Day during this time, who was also a member of the band. In 1977, Thereza and David formed their own duo, Dollar. Dollar was a success for David and Thereza through the late 80s, due in part to Thereza’s song-writing abilities.

When they formed Dollar, 17-year old Thereza Bazar and David were dating. In a recent interview, she said that she adored David and called him her first love. However, she says that his love of fame and drug addiction eventually put a wedge between them personally, and caused them to go their separate ways professionally.

In 1985, Thereza Bazar released her solo album, The Big Kiss. That same year, she recorded the theme song to the US film Gotcha! In 2000, former bandmate David Van Day convinced her to reunite, and she has been performing with him as Dollar on and off since.

Failing to recapture the fame she found with Dollar, Thereza Bazar moved to Australia in 1988. She eventually met Sydney barrister David Cowan, who she married and had two sons with. Recently divorced, she states she is “enjoying the single life,” and focuses her time on raising her two sons and teaching singing to children.

Videos of Thereza Bazar are below.

Thereza Bazar The Big Kiss Video

Dollar Interview Video

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    I have the solo-LP “The Big Kiss” by Thereza Bazar, but I have only managed to buy two compilations by Dollar and one LP (Shooting Stars). I haven`t found any real discography, most discographies are over the compilations and singles. I will pay anyone (including Thereza) who can transfer any Dollar-album to cd. Please send her my message and my e-mail address.