Parminder Nagra is British Actress

November 29, 2008

Meet Parminder Nagra, the sexy doc on ER, who just announced that she’s pregnant. Read the rest of the story and see photos, video, and a biography of Parminder Nagra below.

33 year old Parminder Nagra, who has been on ER for the past five years, is expecting her first baby with long-term boyfriend, photographer James Stenson. The couple is expected to marry before the birth of the baby, which is due in the spring.

Parminder Nagra Biography

Parminder Kaur Nagra was born on October 5, 1975 in Leicester, England. She is the daughter of Sikh parents who emigrated to the UK from the Punjab region of northern India in the late 1960s, and has two younger brothers and a younger sister. She was raised by her mother and stepfather, a book keeper, after it is believed that her father, a factory worker, left her mother when she was young.

Parminder Nagra got into acting when her former drama instructor, Jez Simons, asked her to join Hathi Productions, a leading Leicester-based British Indian theater company. Parminder accepted, and she was cast a chorus member in the 1994 musical Nimai at the age of 19. Just a week into rehearsals, however, she was recast as the lead when the original actress dropped out. Parminder then moved to London to pursue a career in theater.

Shortly after, Parminder Nagra signed with an agent and began landing television roles. In 1996 and 1998, she appeared on the medical drama Casualty, and she had roles on King Girl, Turning World, Goodness Gracious Me, Judge John Dread, and other TV shows during the 90s.

While making a name for herself on television, Parminder Nagra also dabbled in radio, lending her voice to radio plays. She also continued to work in theater.

In 2002, Parminder Nagra landed her breakout role in Bend It Like Beckham, which launched her into the international spotlight. Shortly after her success in Bend It, Parminder joined the cast of ER, where she has been a mainstay ever since.

On July 11, 2007, Parminder Nagra was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctors of Letters by the University of Leicester.

In her personal life, Parminder Nagra began dating Irish actor Kieran Creggan in 1996. They eventually moved in together, but broke up after five years. She in is currently in a long-term relationship with photographer James Stenson, and they are expecting their first child together. See photos of Parminder and James on vacation in 1997 here.

More photos and a video of Parminder Nagra are below.

Parminder Nagra on The Late Late Show Video

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