Ok So-ri: South Korean Actress

November 27, 2008

Meet Ok So-ri, the South Korean actress who will possibly be jailed for her extramarital affair. See her biography and video here.

South Korean prosecutors are seeking jail time for actress Ok So-ri because she had an affair. Although she is trying to overturn the current law that criminalizes adultery, not everyone supports her cause. Many feel that the law that was once in place to protect women is now draconian and unnecessary in today’s society. But others, Ok So-ri’s husband included, are pushing for a severe sentence of 18 months. In South Korea, several thousand scorned spouses file criminal complaints each year.

Ok So-ri Biography

As a biography, Ok So-ri is 37 years of age. She is an actress who has appeared in at least two films: 1989’s “Kuro arirang” and 1991’s “Jeolmeun nalui chosang”, which translates to Passion Portrait. She also owned a wedding consulting business with partner Baek Jong-eun.

About a year ago there was a scandal involving Ok and her husband, fellow actor Park Chul. They had been married for 11 years and have an 8-year-old daughter. Scandal erupted when the actress’ business partner reported that Ok was having an affair with an Italian chef identified only as G. Park filed for divorce on October 9, 2007. Now criminal charges are pending stemming from the affair, for which Ok might face 18 months in prison.

The divorce case was finalized in September, and was a scene similar to many Hollywood court battles. The couple was allowed to divorce, and both were found at fault, Park for his late night drinking and staying out late, Ok for her affairs. Ok was ordered to pay 870 million of her assets to Park. Park was granted custody of the couple’s daughter, with Ok paying 1 million in child support each month.

See a video below.

Arirang Video

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