Is Shenae Grimes Anorexic?

November 27, 2008

Rumors continue to persist that 90210 star Shenae Grimes is way too thin and possibly anorexic. But now Shenae is fighting back – defending herself and her super-skinny body! Read more about it below, see photos and a video.

Shenae says that she has been thin her entire 19 years. She also says no one from the show ‘90210’ has confronted her about her weight, despite a host of media reports which suggested she is just way too skinny and producers of her show are nervous.

In a recent interview, Shenae had a lot to say about the talk of her diva/party girl behavior and being too thin:

“Meet me in person, and you can’t say anything. No bones sticking out. Just because people are calling you skinny doesn’t mean I’m like, ‘Yay!’ No! You’re telling me I don’t look right. This is me, this is my body – I have accepted it.�?

“Nobody has asked me about it. I really can’t help what someone thinks of me because they are reading a paper and choosing to believe it,�? Shenae said.

“It’s so frustrating,�? she added.

“These are stories that have been written about everybody,�? Shenae said. “Of course we’re the new girls on a hit show so we’re plopped into these little boxes. And people buy it. It makes me totally second guess anything I’ve ever read about anybody.�?

Ok. So she’s blaming the rumors on her newfound fame. Maybe. She is really skinny though. Eat a couple of cheeseburgers in front of the paparazzi. That might help all the way around.

Shenae Grimes Video

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