Pam Dawber: Mork and Mindy

November 28, 2008

Pam Dawber is a television actress best known for her work with Robin Williams on the sitcom ‘Mork and Mindy.’ Read her biography below, see photos and a video.

Pam Dawber will always bee known as ‘Mindy McConnell’ from the classic TV show Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams. Some have even suggested a movie remake of it. And really, who hasn’t watched that show? Even this guy has!

Pam Dawber Biography

Pam Dawber was born on October 18, 1951 in Farmington Hills, Michigan so her age is 57. She began her career as a fashion model as a famous Wilhelmina Model and went on to a career as an actress.

From 1978 to 1982, she played ‘Mindy McConnell’ in the ABC sitcom Mork & Mindy starring Robin Williams as an alien from the planet Ork. She also starred in the CBS sitcom My Sister Sam. Her co-star in that show was Rebecca Schaeffer who was murdered a year later by a stalker. Pam also has been in many TV movies.

For all you singers out there, Pam Dawber has a four-octave soprano voice and is a national spokeswoman for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

She has been married to actor Mark Harmon for 21 years. They have two sons, Sean who is 20, and Ty who’s 16.

Pam Dawber: Mork and Mindy

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