Naughty Gilligan’s Island: This Ain’t Gilligan’s Island

November 25, 2008

An adult film company is spoofing Gilligan’s Island in the new movie This ain’t Gilligan’s Island. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video below.

Never one to let a good spoof pass them by, the adult movie world has created their own naughty Gilligan’s Island, called This Ain’t Gilligan’s Island. Check out video about the movie here. The basic story line is that of an adult film crew that finds themselves on Gilligan’s Island with the seven castaway, and they secretly film the part of island life that the original tv show left out.

Gilligan’s Island was a sitcom from the 1960s that chronicled the lives of seven strangers who were shipwrecked on a remote tropical island. Starring Bob Denver as Gilligan, the show ran for three seasons on CBS. The show spawned a reality tv spoof on TBS, The Real Gilligan’s Island, which was an elimination-style show that widdled contestants down to a final man standing.

More photos and a video of Gilligan’s Island are below.

Gilligan’s Island Video

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