Sarah Symonds is Gordon Ramsay affair?

November 23, 2008

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has allegedly been having an affair with author and “professional mistress” Sarah Symonds for seven years. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video, and read a biography of Sarah Symonds below.

A stark departure from his family man image, Gordon Ramsay has allegedly been having an affair since 2001 with author and “professional mistress” Sarah Symonds. The pair supposedly recently spent about 75 minutes together in a hotel room. Just prior to this tryst, Sarah was seen purchasing legal sex drugs at a sex shop.

Sarah Symonds Biography

Sarah Symonds, from Newport, UK, is an author who is best known for having affairs with married men. Born in 1971, she is a former sales and marketing executive who famously had an affair with novelist and Tory Lord Jeffrey Archer. The affair prompted her to write the book Having an Affair?: A Handbook for the “Other Woman,” which she promoted on an episode of Oprah in 2007. She also writes fairly regularly on her personal blog.

An excerpt from her book:

“Even if it’s ‘only’ great sex, a promotion at work, or a bit of help with the deposit on that new car, get something for yourself, please. Just to offset that gnawing feeling of being ‘second best’ that will unfortunately become as second nature to you as the affair progresses.”

Despite once saying “I am reformed. I would rather be alone than ever again have to face the utter loneliness a mistress feels in an affair,” Sarah Symonds is again making headlines for having an affair, this time with TV and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. The pair met in 2001 and exchanged cell numbers, and reportedly began an intimate relationship several weeks later. They allegedly met at a hotel for sex in mid-November 2008. Just prior to this meeting, Sarah was seen at the sex shop Simply Pleasures, where she purchased three small yellow bottles of amyl nitrate, branded Rave and Rush. These pills, called “poppers” are legal sex drugs that are said to enhance one’s sexual experience. A source claimed chef Gordon Ramsay asked her to purchase these. They reportedly spent 75 minutes together before Ramsay left the hotel through his restaurant.

More photos and a video of Gordon Ramsay are below.

Gordon Ramsay and family Video

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