Deidre Hall: Days of Our Lives Soap Star

November 21, 2008

Meet Deidre Hall, who has played “Marlena” on the NBC soap, Days of Our Lives, for almost 30 years. See photos, video and read a biography of Deidre Hall below.

Days of Our Lives soap star Deidre Hall has been fired! She and her on screen husband, Drake Hogestyn, were cut from the show, in an effort to trim the budget. NBC released the following statement:

“Days of Our Lives’ has decided to rest the characters of John Black and Dr. Marlena Evans. After a year of separation, John and Marlena will finally reunite before exiting the canvas in early 2009.”

Deidre Hall Biography

As a biography, Deidre Hall was born on October 31, 1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She grew up in Lake Worth, Florida and attended Lake Worth High School, where she graduated in 1965. While in Florida, she was the Junior Orange Bowl Queen at 12 years of age. Deidre has a twin sister, Andrea.

She played Nurse Sally Lewis in Emergency! (1972-1973) and appeared on The Young and the Restless as Barbara Anderson in 1973. In 1976, she was cast as Electra Woman on the “Electra Woman and DynaGirl” children’s show, which aired on Saturday mornings (one of my faves!).

In 1976 she began her stint as Dr. Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives. She left the role in 1987 to focus on the NBC primetime drama, Our House, which aired until 1988. She came back to DOOL in 1991. She is the only actress to play the role of Marlena. Her run as Dr. Evans has come to an end. She and Drake Hogestyn (her on screen husband) were fired from the show. Their last air date is some time in early 2009.

Hall has two children, David Sohmer was born on August 23, 1992 and Tully Sohmer was born on January 19, 1995. She has been married three times – Keith Barbour (1972-1977), Michael Dubelko (1987-1989) and Steve Sohmer (1991-2006).
More photos and video of Deidre Hall below.

Deidre Hall Video

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7 Responses to “Deidre Hall: Days of Our Lives Soap Star”

  1. 1
    DeShane Says:

    I am very disappointed in your action to fire Marlena and John…I have watched Days since the beginning..they are a important part of the show and their story line held the show together many times.I hope you reconsider and bring them back as you have left it open to do so..You have made a big mistake now undo it……

  2. 2
    Claire Says:

    I am honestly sad to hear the news of Deidre Hall being fired, from a show that had romance, action and thriller has now become a teen movie of sickeness and racing cars, this is not Days of Our Lives bring back Deidre Hall and Drake back the very rear two stars whom have been there from the start.

  3. 3
    Tracey Says:

    I CAN”T believe that they got rid of the best couple on the show! Didn’t realize this until just now, thought they were on holidays or something. Pretty darn disappointed with the people who made that stupid decision!

  4. 4
    Mary Williams Says:

    I was amazed, upset, angry and outraged that John and Marlena were dropped. I have wondered why others w/o talent were kept (speaking of the younger crew). Mostly i wonder what they are doing now.

  5. 5
    Annette Says:

    I enjoyed the characters of Marlena and Roman. I never cared for the John Black character, watching Drake Hogestyn act was like watching someone trying to act like Clint Eastwood. When I talk about Roman I’m talking about Wayne Northrup. Josh Taylor was great as Chris Kostichek, but I’ve never bought him as Roman Brady. I quit watching months ago because every time you turn around, it’s like teeny booper land, and constant recasting of characters. As much as I love the characters Stefano and Tony DeMera and the actors that portray them, sadly Days of Our Lives lost my interest when the story lines became repetative, and some of the best characters where put on the back burners, in favor of young actors and actresses that couldn’t hold a candle to the original cast and story lines. Just like in real life, it’s out with they old and in with the new. I miss John Clarke as Mickey Horton, the people in charge must not care about the chemistry between actors. If it’s not there we the people watching can tell, come on writes and producers if it’s not broke don’t mess with something that works. I was four years old when my Mom started watching Days, I’m now 47 and my Moms been gone since 2003. I know she would be sad to see whats become of her favorite soap too.

  6. 6
    MARIE B Says:

    I agree about the quality of Days of our LIves going down hill! I dont like the younger non talents! Bring back Marlana Evans and John Black! please———-!

  7. 7
    Ufei Says:

    I am African, Cameroonian to be more exact and I lived in the US in the late 70,s and 80,s. DOOL is my favourite soap and I have been following it even back here in Cameroon reliving memories. Please bring back Dr Marlena Evans and John Black, as well as the original Sean Brady.