Ann Lembeck Is Denis Leary’s Wife

November 20, 2008

Meet Ann Lembeck, the wife of actor Denis Leary and a writer. In fact, she wrote “Two If By Sea”, in which husband Denis Leary stars. See her biography, photos, and video here.

Ann and her husband Denis are in the news after Denis’ upcoming book, “Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid”, caused controversy. Many people living with autism and their families were upset by a paragraph in the book, which states,

“There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their (expletive) kids can’t compete academically, so they throw money into the happy laps of shrinks.”

Shortly after news of the quote, Emerson College alumni received fundraising letters from Denis and Ann Leary, letters which some alumni did not appreciate. For his part, Denis says the comments were taken out of context.

Ann Lembeck Biography

As a biography, Ann Lembeck was born in 1962 in Syracuse, New York, so her age is 46. She attended Bennington College in Vermont, and then graduated from Emerson College in 1982. She is also known as Ann Leary.

In 1989, Ann married Denis Leary, and in a marriage that might break a Hollywood record, they are still together. They have two children, Jack and Devin. She met Denis in a comedy writing class – Denis was the teacher, Ann was the student. The family lives together on a farm in Connecticut with their four horses, four dogs, and a cat.

Ann has worked as a writer in Hollywood, penning three pieces that have made it to screen: “Two If By Sea”, the television series “The Job”, and “Favorite Deadly Sins”. She has also written two books. One is entitled “An Innocent, a Broad”, about the premature birth of her son Jack. The other was just published in 2008, “Outtakes, From a Marriage”. Although it sounds autobiographical, it only resembles her marriage, and in fact is only loosely based on reality.

See more photos of Ann Lembeck, a video, and her book below.

Denis Leary Video – “Who’s The Man”

See a video of Ann and Denis interviewed together here.

Read “An Innocent, a Broad” here.

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