Laura Caldwell Is Red Hot Lies

November 18, 2008

Meet Laura Caldwell, an attorney and the author of the upcoming crime novel, “Red Hot Lies”. She was recently attacked in what appeared to be a scene right out of her book. See her biography, photos, and video here.

Laura was attacked last Thursday night as she jogged through Lincoln Park in Chicago. The eeriness of the attack is that the scene was right out of her latest novel, “Red Hot Lies”. Two men approached her while she was jogging and kicked her down, smashing her face into the pavement and knocking out her teeth. They asked her for money, but when she told them she didn’t have any, they took her iPod instead. As Laura herself puts it, “Yep, kind of got my butt kicked.”

Laura Caldwell Biography

As a biography, Laura Caldwell is a 41-year-old attorney turned novelist. She graduated from the University of Iowa, and later attended law school at Loyola University Chicago. She published her first book in 2002 called “Burning the Map”, which received critical acclaim and was named one of the Best of 2002 by Barnes & Noble. Since then she has published about eight more books and several articles. She is also a contributing editor to Lake Magazine. She has been published in ten languages and more than twenty countries.

Prior to becoming a writer, Laura was a trial attorney in Chicago specializing in medical malpractice defense suits and entertainment law. She is still working in the legal field, teaching as an adjunct professor at her alma mater.

Laura lives with her husband in Chicago.

See more photos of Laura Caldwell and a video of “Red Hot Lies” below.

“Red Hot Lies” Video – Glenn Beck interviews the author of the other book called “Red Hot Lies”, about global warming

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