Diana O’Brien Is Murdered Canadian Model

November 18, 2008

Canadian model Diana O’Brien is in the news today as the trial for her murder was held today. Chinese migrant worker, Chen Jun, pleaded guilty in a Shanghai court; he has yet to be sentenced. Read more and see photos and video here.

Diana O’Brien was a Canadian model working in Shanghai. She was set to return home in two weeks, when she walked in on 18-year-old Chen Jun robbing her apartment. He threatened the model with a knife and she ran, but Chen caught up with her and stabbed her repeatedly in the stair well.

Chen told the court that he went into O’Brien’s apartment because it was open, and after he lost his job at a teahouse, which was near O’Brien’s apartment, and needed money to get home.

Chen told the court O’Brien was still alive when he left her. The Shanghai Daily newspaper reported him as saying,

‘I decided not to help her this time. I called the police, and they must have been here. I thought there’s no need to call again.’

But Diana O’Brien wasn’t found until 6am, hours after the stabbing, when it was far too late to help her.

Diana Gabrielle O’Brien Biography

As far as a biography for Diana O’Brien, we don’t know much except life was cut very short for this beautiful 22-year-old model. Originally from Saltspring Island, B.C., she wanted to see the world, and modeling allowed her to do so. She worked for a modeling agency in Canada, and was working for a smaller agency in Shanghai. The modeling agency has since shut down its website, closed its doors, and vanished. She had scheduled one more job, before she was to return home. Barry Kazakoff, a friend and former employer said:

“This was just really bad luck. She wanted to see the world, and the way to do that was to step out of her comfort zone and be a model.”

O’Brien’s modeling agency in Victoria, Canada, said:

“She often said it was a dream come true for her and wanted to travel the world with her career. She told us that she was happy in Shanghai and enjoyed the agency, the city and her roommates.”

You can see another gorgeous picture of Diana here. A tribute video is below.

Diana O’Brien Video

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