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November 17, 2008

Recently married beauty Scarlett Johansson graces the cover of Allure for December 2008. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Scarlett Johansson below.

Buxom blond Scarlett Johansson lends her good looks to the cover of Allure Magazine for their December 2008 feature story. In her interview, ScarJo talked about several big topics that have followed her around for some time.

On Lindsay Lohan, who Scarlett’s had a feud with seemingly forever, Scarlett said she has no idea why Lindsay seems to dislike her so much. When asked about the incident where Lindsay wrote vulgar things about her on a New York bathroom wall, Scarlett said:

“That’s what I heard. I don’t know what the motivation was behind that. I remember it was something really vulgar — I mean, shockingly so, like, ‘Whoa, what, who are you?’�?

She denied being Woody Allen’s “muse,” which he previously referred to her as:

“I don’t inspire that work that Woody does. I’m just lucky to fit into the ‘young woman’ category in his movies. But make no mistake, I know that if it wasn’t me, it would be someone else.�?

Scarlett clammed up when asked about new husband Ryan Reynolds. She said that no one knows how they met, and she prefers to keep that private.

She was also asked about that weird tattoo on her forearm that appeared sometime in 2007. She wouldn’t talk about that, either, simply saying it was personal and it made her happy.

The December issue of Allure should be out on newstands soon – make sure you check it out!

More photos and a video of Scarlett Johansson are below.

Scarlett Johansson on Jay Leno Video

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