Jodie Prenger is I’d Do Anything Winner

November 16, 2008

Meet Jodie Prenger, winner of the UK’s Biggest Loser and talent show I’d Do Anything, which has landed her a lead role in Oliver! See photos, videos, and read a biography of Jodie Prenger below.

Jodie Prenger has had quite a run of good luck on UK reality television. Dropping nearly half her body weight, the former size 26 singer and actress won The Biggest Loser. She then competed in the talent show I’d Do Anything, and won the role of Nancy in the musical Oliver!, set to open next month in the West End.

Jodie Prenger Biography

Jodie Prenger was born on June 12, 1979 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. She began her career working the cabaret circuit in Northern England. In 1998, she was performing in two different shows at two different theaters every night. The first was a solo gig in Tiptoes Summer Spectacular. A mere 20 minutes later, she was one of the lead roles in the production of the musical comedy Hot Mikado.

She first appeared on television in 1999, appearing with her mother on A Taste for Travel. In 2000, Jodie Prenger played the wife of a boxer on The Other Half, and she also played the role of a witch in Halloween Spectacular On Ice. The following year, she had a part aboard the Disney Wonder cruise ship, which lasted for eight months.

In 2006, Jodie Prenger won the second season of UK’s Biggest Loser. She lost nearly half her body weight in the process, going from a size 26 to a size 10. Since, she has maintained at a size 14/16. She was awarded £25,000 for winning on the show.

In May 2008, Jodie Prenger’s success on reality television continued, as she won the talent competition I’d Do Anything. She was awarded the part of Nancy in the musical Oliver!, which is set to open in December 2008 in the West End. She will perform in six of the eight scheduled shows each week. Jodie has also appeared in Les Miserables in 2008 in order to gain performance experience in the West End.

As for her personal life, Jodie Prenger is engaged to her boyfriend, Steve Greengrass. Their romance was chronicled on I’d Do Anything, as their first date was when she auditioned for the show in January 2008. Steve proposed to her on week three of the live performance part of the show just three months after their first date.

More photos and videos of Jodie Prenger are below.

Jodie Prenger Biggest Loser Video

Jodie Prenger singing “You Must Love Me” Video

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