Josie Bissett: Tickle Monster

November 15, 2008

Meet Josie Bissett. She’s been acting since she was 12, hit it BIG in Melrose Place, and now she is writing books! Read her biography below, and watch a video.

Actress Josie Bissett has traded in magazine covers, and award shows for motherhood and writing books. She has written 2 parenting books, Little Bits of Wisdom and Making Memories. Her most recent is a children’s book called ‘Tickle Monster’ – a story about a friendly monster who just can’t stop tickling!

Josie Bissett Biography

Josie Bissett was born ‘Jolyn Christine Heutmaker’ on October 5, 1970 in Seattle, Washington so her age is 38. Her career began at the age of 12 as a model in print advertisements and television commercials. To date, she has been on over 40 magazine covers, including TV Guide, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Shape’s Fit Pregnancy and New Woman.

At 17, Josie moved to Hollywood and within 2 years landed the coveted role of Jane Mancini on the hit TV show Melrose Place. In fact, that show was so big, there is even talk of doing a remake! Josie now stars on the hit ABC Family TV series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. In fact, Season 2 of ‘Teenager’ is scheduled to begin in January 2009.

She has also made numerous TV movies as well as guest-starring appearances, most recently on NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Josie has acted as co-editor of two books, Little Bits Of Wisdom and Making Memories, which compile parenting stories and advice from parents around the world. And now she has authored her first children’s book called Tickle Monster.

Josie Bissett married one of her co-stars on Melrose Place, Rob Estes. They divorced after 13 years of marriage. They have two children named Mason Tru and Maya Rose. She and her children currently reside in Seattle.

Josie Bissett Video

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