Rebecca Willis is Dirty Dancing

November 14, 2008

After 8 long years, Rebecca Willis finally won her lawsuit against Marshall, NC officials.

Rebecca’s fight started when she attended a concert at the Marshall, NC, community center almost a decade ago. Reports say that the then 56-year old woman came dressed in a short skirt that revealed her underwear while she was “gyrating” and “simulating sex” on the dance floor. Other attendees at the concert were so upset that Rebecca was banned by the city from attending events at the community center. Rebecca sued, claiming her constitutional rights had been violated.

Rebecca persevered through an eight year fight, where her attorney Jon Sasser and city attorney Larry Leake battled back and forth, twice going before a district court judge and twice before the Court of Appeals. The city said “they would rather burn the community center down than allow Willis to return.” Rebecca Willis said she was “only celebrating diversity and free expression.”

A court finally awarded Rebecca with a $275,000 settlement. Rebecca said:

“I am very happy with this settlement and relieved that the lawsuit is finally over.”

Rebecca is now free to shake her groove thing at events held at the Marshall, NC community center. And with that $275,000 pay day, she can do so in some snazzy new threads.

A video of Rebecca Willis dancing is below.

Rebecca Willis Dancing Video

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