Paula Goodspeed is Paula Abdul’s Fan

November 12, 2008

Meet Paula Goodspeed, the fan of American Idol judge Paula Abdul who met a tragic ending. See her photos, biography and audition video here.

She was a former American Idol contestant on the show, who was found dead outside of Paula Abdul’s home on the evening of November 11th 2008, apparently from a suicide. It is unknown if she was stalking Paula or the reason for her presence.

Paula Goodspeed Biography

As a biography, she first came on the radar at American Idol because of her Austin, Texas audition for the show in 2005. See that video below. She wore an interesting pink outfit and declared herself a fan of Paula Abdul. Apparently she was not kidding.

Ms. Goodspeed reportedly has a history of mental illness which caused her family concern for her safety.

On her MySpace page profile, she describes herself as 28 years old, originally born in Jamaica. Other media sources have described her as 30 years old from Thousand Oaks, California, which is where she now resides. She also self-describes herself as a Wiccan who seems to have an affinity for the Wizard of Oz movie. This is not the same Paula Goodspeed who is a real estate agent in San Bernadino County.

During the audition, Ms. Goodspeed gave her own rendition of “Proud Mary,” which was once sung by Paula. Simon made a seering comment in his usual style about her braces that was not forgotten: “How did she get through the metal detector?�?

She writes about the post-audition trauma and that specific comment in one of her blog entries:

It’s very hard reading such awful things being written about yourself…..or hearing things being said….. not like alot of people would understand what it’s like having so many haters , just because I made the mistake of trying out for a singing competition before I was even ready vocally, emotionally and physically.

I have to believe there is something good about me…..

Simon made that comment about my braces 5 months ago in Sept. 05 and now …since the show aired this month (Feb. 06), theres been soo many people bashing me for having braces, as if “I am the only person on national television that wears braces”!!!!!!

I think some people just need to grow up…or save that kind of stuff for the playground.

Soo, thats my story!! Better luck next time, I guess……

Paula Goodspeed Video (American Idol Audition)

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    Paula Abdul Reacts to Fan’s Death » Right Music Says:

    […] Paula Goodspeed tried out unsuccessfully for American Idol in 2005. She came face to face with her idol Abdul and was humiliated on national television. Of course, that’s what the show does. It makes idols out of talented people, but it also spends a certain amount of time making fun of the odder people who come to the auditions. It is entertaining television. Many of the people who are on the losing end of this whole process make the best of it, like the famous William Hung. And others, unfortunately, can’t seem to deal with it. […]

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    Thomass Says:

    I believe it in that manner more than thirty year ones :)