Jesse Metcalfe Falls

November 11, 2008

Actor Jesse Metcalfe falls 40 feet while in France. Read the story and see photos and video of Jesse Metcalfe below.

Washed up actor Jesse Metcalfe slipped and fell 40 feet down two flights of stairs. Metcalfe, who was in Monaco hosting the World Music Awards after they dumped original pick Lindsay Lohan, was headed back to his hotel room during the after party to change out of his suit. On his way back to the festivities, he slipped on the stairs, fell 40 feet, and was knocked unconscious after hitting his head. Metcalfe’s spokesperson said:

“He is a very, very lucky man. The accident could have been fatal. He has not broken anything but can barely walk as he hasn’t got much movement in his legs. He was immediately taken to a hospital in Monaco and given X-rays. Doctors didn’t speak much English so as soon as we landed in London yesterday we had him re-examined at a London hospital. They wanted to keep him in overnight so he could have a MRI test today.”

The spokesperson added that they were going to speak to the organizers of the World Music Awards, since it is believed the pathway Metcalfe slipped on. Reports are that someone else tripped in the same area earlier in the evening.

Metcalfe, who has a troubled past, “knows he’s had a very lucky escape.” Here’s hoping to a speedy and full recovery.

More photos and a video of Jesse Metcalfe are below.

Jesse Metcalfe Fight Video

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