Jennifer Aniston Twins?

November 9, 2008

Star Magazine claims Jennifer Aniston is having twins with John Mayer. Read the rest of the story and see photos and video of Jennifer Aniston below.

The current issue of Star magazine claims that former Friends star Jennifer Aniston is having twins with reportedly on-again flame John Mayer.

On the heels of rumors that Jennifer proposed to John, Star claims that she has been secretly getting fertility treatments in order to have a baby (or two). The magazine states an unnamed source revealed:

“She knows her baby-making years are limited. It’s hard for her to think of anything else — she has babies on the brain!”

Sources also reported to Star that Jennifer has changed her diet by increasing her intake of folic acid, beef, and milk. She’s also allegedly doing yoga with John and asking her instructor to help her do poses that will increase her chances of conceiving.

Star also claims that 31 year old John Mayer, who has a history of serial dating, is thrilled to be a daddy. Another unnamed source said:

“He ordered a bunch of books on Amazon about pregnancy and parenting. He’s just as eager as Jen is. They’ve discussed how they plan to raise their kids, and they agree on mostly everything. They can’t wait to be parents together.”

I guess time will quickly tell on this latest rumor in the Jennifer Aniston post-Brad saga. Star seems pretty sure of their story, though, since they did put “Twins for Jen!” on their cover.

More photos and a video of Jennifer Aniston are below.

Jennifer Aniston John Mayer Video

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