Gretchen Bonaduce: Re-Inventing Bonaduce

November 6, 2008

Meet Gretchen Bonaduce, the ex-wife to former child star Danny Bonaduce. See photos, video and read a biography of Gretchen Bonaduce below.

Gretchen Bonaduce is in the news as she was declared the winner of the Fox Reality Channel’s “Gimme My Reality Show”. She will start filming “Reinventing Bonaduce” in early 2009.

Meanwhile, her divorce from Danny Bonaduce is now final. The two were married for 18 years. Danny has been ordered to pay Gretchen $16,000 a month for spousal and child support. Together they had two children, and will have joint custody of them.

Gretchen Bonaduce Biography

As a biography, Gretchen Hillmer Bonaduce was born on September 24, 1965 in Waukegan, Illinois, so her age is 43. She lived in Phoenix booking psychics on various radio stations in the Valley of the Sun and it was there that she met her future husband, Danny Bonaduce. A blind date with him led to them marrying seven hours later.

Gretchen and Danny have two children – 14-year-old Isabella and 10-year-old Dante. Their family appeared on VH1’s Breaking Bonaduce, where the show followed Danny in his quest to stay sober.

Music has always been one of Gretchen’s passions, having sung in the school and church choirs while growing up. She currently performs with the Mudd Flaps and Ankhesenamen.

You can see more photos and video of Gretchen Bonaduce below.

Gretchen Bonaduce Video

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12 Responses to “Gretchen Bonaduce: Re-Inventing Bonaduce”

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  1. 1
    Quick Hollywood Gossip Round Up Vol. 46 Says:

    […] Gretchen Bonaduce: Re-Inventing Bonaduce – Right Celebrity […]

  2. 2
    Lynell Love Says:

    Gretchin that new guy (the drummer) is a tool kick him to the same place u sent Danny bonadush

  3. 3
    Lynell Love Says:

    It is so cool you stepped out on your own.You put up with way to much crap from Danny he is a very angry person I wish you all the luck take care Lynell

  4. 4
    songbird Says:

    She is so uninteresting. he is a train wreck but THAT is what makes reality TV interesting.

    We know he’s a loser but…she has been trying to get publicity by spewing venom. He is “the world’s worst husband”. He “brought home venereal diseases”. He “will be dead in 5 yrs”.

    gretchen, you don’t have to keep his name or cash those alimony checks, and i’m sure your kids will grow up just as well adjusted as your ex, reading such lovely things about their father…

  5. 5
    Re-inventing Bonaduce - TV - City-Data Forum Says:

    […] she is his wife, or ex wife? Gretchen Bonaduce: Re-Inventing Bonaduce » Right Celebrity [+] Rate this post […]

  6. 6
    Kirra Says:

    I listened to Danny’s radio show for years. Yeah, he is a train wreck, but I always tuned in to hear the latest.

    She, on the other hand, is just some chick who married a famous guy, and probably just because he was famous.

    I grew more and more annoyed with her over the years, as it was obvious this woman thought she was a celebrity in her own right, or at least really wanted to be.

    She rode on Danny’s wave of celebrity, then thought she was big enough herself to try it alone. I don’ think so.

    The show is lame, and frankly, I don’t think people really care too much about what she is up to….Which is why they will keep re-hashing her battles with Danny. Otherwise, nobody would watch.

    This deal with the young guy wanting her. I call BS. Gretchen, put on some clothes, you are a woman in her 40’s, and nobody wants to see you up on stage in your corset and underwear. Not a classy look for any woman, but especialy skeezy on someone well into her 40’s.

    Lastly, do not complain now about how you endured years of physical abuse and infidelity. You are a big girl, and you had children to protect. You should have been gone years ago if this was true. You stayed for the money!

  7. 7
    watchurback Says:

    You need to forget about him, why keep going on his radio show and letting him make an ass of you when he is the loser, not you.

  8. 8
    DeeDee Says:

    Gretchen, listen, you owe that pathetic excuse for a man NOTHING, he is a big fat BULLY and he his still pushing your buttons because you are letting him, Do not say anything to him because it will not make a difference he only heres his own abusive voice. when you need to communicate to him write it down in duplicate and have proof of delivery or have your attorney do it. I was married to a ass just like him and they are excellent at turning the tables and making you stumble over your words because they want to villify you. He is shooting darts at you to bring you down to his level, it is called leveling. The best way to get back at him is to not here him, litterally.
    He is less than humain and it will be your life struggle to get him to understand, and it will not work, I know first hand. 37 years later and my ex for 28 years has not changed a bit except he drinks more. These type of people like to push and push and push to get want they want like a little kid. So heed my advice “DO NOT LISTEN, CLOSE YOUR EARS AND DO NOT RESPOND TO HIS WORDS, DO NOT UTTER A WORD,
    the less response he gets the more he will try some other way to get to you like your kids, so heads up woman and give him a stiff one up the ass!!

  9. 9
    eileen Says:

    gretchen is a a beautiful,sweet and talented person who was married to the ugliest,meanest,angriest, and truly revolting subhuman being in the entire universe. it is only the guys with the itsy bitsy penis’s that have to constantly prove how tough they are. i can’t imagine what nitwits watch danny bonaduce’s stupid show anyway. is it any wonder why gretchen never wanted to have sex with him…ugh!!!!!!! as for kevin he seems like a nice guy but he is almost as unfortunate looking as danny. she just got out of a long and unhappy marrige why would she want to hook up so quickly, i don’t get it. anyway i do enjoy her show and think she deserves all the respect for taking the high road. she didn’t look bad on dannys show he looked like the total ass that he is.

  10. 10
    shay Says:

    i love gretchen but i have alot of trouble looking at kevin. he is so unattractive. i can understand loving him and leaving down a bowl of food for him but waking up next to him OMG i would rather stick pins in my eyes. i do have to say in his defense he looks like brad pitt next to danny! so glad she got rid of that idiot, he looks like a loser moron everytime he opens his stupid mouth. you go gretch i think you,re fabulous!

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