SNL: Olbermann Skit (Video)

November 2, 2008

Saturday Night Live with the help of guest host Ben Affleck, did a great skit last night of MSNBC’s somewhat ‘opinionated’ pundit, Keith Olbermann. You can read more about it below, see photos and watch the video.

Ben Affleck was Saturday Night Live’s guest host and did a skit where he played MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann accusing President Bush of being a racist, called the McCain campaign a group of Nazis and passionately offered a special comment about the board of his Manhattan Co-Op not allowing his cat, “Miss Precious Perfect,�? because of a no-pets policy.

It is well known that Ben Affleck is a well know democrat so in his opening monologue said that because he has supported so many losing candidates over the years, he has determined his support is unlucky and has the opposite effect he intends it to.

Therefore, Affleck announced, he is endorsing Senator John McCain for President!

SNL Keith Olbermann Skit Video

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