Guitar Hero Ad: Heidi Klum’s Risky Business

November 23, 2008

Heidi Klum is quite comfortable making great commercials in her underwear for Victoria’s Secret but Guitar Hero? Read more about it, see photos and watch videos below.

There’s nothing like bringing out the star power to promote your games! Activision is re-creating the famous ‘Risky Business’ lip synching scene – from the old classic movie starring Tom Cruise – for an ad for Guitar Hero World Tour (GHWT).

Supermodel Heidi Klum is the latest in a growing list of big celebrities to make a ‘Risky Business’ commercial to sell the popular game. And boy does she sell it! They don’t call her ‘The Body’ for nothing.

Other celebrities have ditched their pants to jump onto the GHWT Risky Business Commercial bandwagon like some of our sports heroes: Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps (hey, haven’t we already seen him in underwear – sortof?), Kobe (BBall) Bryant, Alex (Baseball) Rodriguez and Tony (Skateboarder) Hawk. Anything to satisfying their guitar-shredding needs, even stripping to their brighty whiteys! Who knew?!

Updated from originally post on 11/02/08.

GHWT Risky Business Commercial Heidi Klum Video

Original Tom Cruise Risky Business Video

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