Donna Jones Britain’s Biggest Boobs (Photos)

October 18, 2008

Meet Donna Jones, Britain’s biggest boobs at a 40M cup size. Read more and see photo and video here.

Donna Jones has just been named by NOTW as Britain’s biggest boobs. She has astonishing 40M cup breasts. But unlike the previous woman with Brittan’s biggest boobs, Rachel Aldana who rocks 32JJ breasts, Donna is not happy with her large boobies.

Donna Jones cannot find a bra large enough for her breasts, and she is constantly in pain due their weight. Each breast weighs as much as a small baby! You can check out NOTW photo gallery of her boobs here.

“Most girls would kill to have big breasts but I hate mine. If I could cut them off with a pair of scissors and know I wouldn’t die, I would. They cause me so much pain that they’re ruining my life.�?

Donna Jones is 26 years old and stands at 5’1�?, so her massive boobs get in the way of most everyday activities including breast feeding, playing with her son, and having sex. She did not breast feed her son in fear that she would suffocate him.

“I didn’t dare in case I suffocated him. They get in the way of me giving him a cuddle and I can’t run around the park kicking a football with him because they are too large.�?

And her fiancé finds her massive breasts a turn off! He says they get in the way during sex. “My breasts are forever coming between us. It’s like there are three of us in our relationship.

Donna’s 40M breasts are now causing her other health problems. She has applied for a reduction twice. Once she was too young, and more recently she was told she was too heavy and needs to lose weight first. In the meantime, she cannot find a bra big enough nor can she afford to have one custom made, so she has resorted to wearing a small bra, which is causing her pain.

“It was extremely uncomfortable. I started suffering from crippling back pain and have been taking painkillers every day for the past seven years. I feel caught in a vicious cycle. My boobs are ruining my life. It’s certainly not fun having the biggest breasts in Britain.�?

Check out more pictures here. Video and more photos also found below.

Biggest boobs In Britain Video

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2 Responses to “Donna Jones Britain’s Biggest Boobs (Photos)”

  1. 1
    Get Lost Palin Says:

    Until Guinness declares otherwise, Rachel Aldana still holds the title as the woman with the biggest natural boobs in Britain, especially since Donna will probably go for a breast reduction (instead of getting measured for a bra that actually does a proper job).

  2. 2
    paul david Says:

    anyone know vanessa feltz breast size