Best Celebrity Legs

October 17, 2008

Who has the best legs in Hollywood? The selection is huge and there are many that would qualify for best celebrity legs. You can see photos and a video of my personal picks below.

Some of the best sexy celebrity legs, walking in High Heels and Boots, wearing hot dresses or simply wearing jeans can be find below. Rihanna has actually received the best celebrity leg award: “Legs Of A Goddess“. View more hot famous legs here

“In my eyes all of the famous ladies below are winners, I think soon we should declare some of the worst celebrity legs as well. Please enjoy the photos and feel free to leave comments with your opinion.”

    1.Celine Dion
    2.Kylie Minogue
    4.Scarlett Johansson
    5.Jennifer Lopez
    7.Christina Aguilera
    8.Jessica Biel
    9.Kim Kardashian
    10.Pamela Anderson

Best Celebrity Legs Video

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    Gary Says:

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    Gary Says: is the celebrity leg site