Jenni Rivera Sex Tape

October 17, 2008

Meet Jenni Rivera, the Mexican pop singer who stars her very own sex tape. See her photos and videos here.

She was born in 1969 in Long Beach California, which makes her 39 years old. Both of her parents were Mexican immigrants into the Los Angeles area, so she is technically American, and all girl with her famously large breasts. Her discography includes “Amiga Si Lo Ves” and “De Contrabando,” her two most famous songs.

Even before the rumored sex tape she has some difficult challenges with the law. Jenni Rivera was reportedly once arrested after a concert for assaulting a fan although the circumstances are understandable since he came on stage after throwing a beer bottle. Her ex-husband was reportedly convicted of abuse, which is not her fault at all. By all accounts she seems like a really nice person.

Jenni Rivera Sex Tape

The porn tape was reported by People en Español magazine, which says that Ms. Rivera and her horny musician friend did a home video recording of themselves doing it, you know, having hanky panky without clothing. She spoke on stage about it recently with a young fan.

The sex video was reportedly stolen in June 2008 and offered for sale on the internet where it will undoubtedly spark frantic interest in the free download as they always do.

She confirmed the naughty details of the sex tape to the magazine, saying in our best translation:

I ask the media to respect my privacy in this difficult and embarrassing moment. As a mother, I feel super ashamed.”

Ms. Rivera’s measurements are unknown, although a computer simulation model suggests 44DDD-24-36. Just kidding. She does not deserve this attention. The person who stole the video and posted it online should pay a price. Everyone else should just leave her alone and stipulate that adults sometimes have sex.

The Jenni Rivera sex tape story has sparked the usual interest in nude photos. We are unaware of any Jenny Rivera naked pictures, not that we would publish them but we would tell you if they were available. She has led an eventful but exemplary life, and has by all accounts been a great mom.

She has addressed the sex tape story publicly in the videos below. Leave Jenni alone.

Jenni Rivera Video Tape News

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