Stacie Lange is Arte Lange Sister

September 29, 2008

Stacie Lange is Arte Lange, the tubby sidekick and heroin-addicted regular from The Howard Stern Show’s sister. Read more about her, see a photo and a fun video.

Stacie Lange is a successful corporate fashion designer and the hot younger sister of comedian, actor, radio talk personality Artie Lange formerly of The Howard Stern Show.

Is Howard Stern losing his touch because he hasn’t had her on his show for an exclusive interview sitting sans top in his lap or a contest involving whip cream, midgets, and a pool full of jello!

Or has he?

There is little public information at this point about her but Stacie was born in Union Township, New Jersey to a close knit Italian-American family. Her older brother is commedian actor Arte Lange.

Her mom, Judy, was a secretary and a homemaker and her father, Arthur Sr., was a general contractor. Two weeks after her brother Arte was born, her father went on trial for counterfeiting money, but was spared jail time.

Stacie and her mom Judy have been a positive support system for her brother commedian Arte Lange who battles with drug addiction. As more information becomes available, we will add it to this biography.

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