Aya Sugimoto PETA

September 27, 2008

Meet Aya Sugimoto, the latest actress to go nude for PETA. Read her biography, see photos and a video of her below.

Aya Sugimoto is the first Japanese actress to pose nude for PETA. She was chosen for the photo shoot because of her strong commitment to animal rights. In her photos she holds a sign strategically over her breasts that reads, ‘Fur? I’d rather go naked’. And many are glad that she does.

She says she is glad to be a part of the ‘No Fur’ movement and to have been chosen to pose naked to save animals. She says she hopes to influence fashion in Japan so that people will see they can be fashionable and still care about animal rights.

Aya Sugimoto ( �?�本 彩 ) was born on July 19, 1968 in Kyoto, Japan. She is 40 years old. She is also known as Tomoe Sugimoto. She is 5′ 6″ tall and weighs 110 pounds. Her measurements are 34-23-34.

Her career has been multifaceted and a great success in Japan. She is known for her J-Pop career and as a television actress celebrity. In 2003 she became the spokeswoman for a candy called Bust Up Drops which was billed as a dietary supplement that increases a woman’s breast size. The then 34 year old stated, “My boobs are so big, it’s hard to maintain the right shape… Being my age, I knew I had to do something about it. And that’s when I started using B-Up Drops.”

Also in 2003, she went through a very public divorce from her husband of 11 years. The grounds for divorce was that it was a ‘sexless marriage’. Her openness about her sexual frustration in the marriage lead to a rash of sexually frustrated wives in Japan opening up about their own ‘sexless marriages’. The publicity around her divorce also lead to her becoming a fairly regular on talk shows.

Sugimoto also wrote a best selling erotic novel, Porno. She appears regularly on the television series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon as Queen Beryl. Her roles in adult films has contributed to her notoriety and fame.

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