Janet Brannon Is Nude Bartender

September 21, 2008

Meet Janet Brannon, the Illinois bartender who serves drinks in the nude. See her biography, photos and video here.

Earlier this week, when the police were doing a routine check at the Cabin Tavern bar in Delhi, Illinois, they found Janet bartending completely naked. Being the only employee, the bar was closed for business following the incident, which led to Janet’s arrest for misdemeanor public indecency.

As a biography, Janet Brannon is 33 years old. She lives in East Alton in Jersey County, Illinois. Janet was working as a bartender at the Cabin Tavern in Delhi, Illinois when she was arrested for serving drinks in the nude.

Janet was released on $8,000 bond after her public indecency arrest. It is unknown whether she has an attorney to help with the resolution of her criminal charges.

Topless maybe, but I don’t know how I would feel about ordering a beer from a naked bartender. Maybe if it was in a bottle, and I got to open it myself.

See a video of another Illinois bartender who had a run-in with the police below.

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