Nancy Shevell Is Paul McCartney’s Girlfriend

January 27, 2009

Nancy Shevell has quickly gone from wealthy socialite to making celebrity headlines. All because Nancy Shevell is Paul McCartney’s girlfriend. Read her biography and see photos and video here.

Nancy Shevell

Nancy Shevell

The latest news is that the couple are shacking up together in his estate.

Nancy Shevell is Paul McCartney’s girlfriend. Nancy Shevell and the couple has been spending a lot of time together, sparking rumors that there will soon be a wedding. Shevell and McCartney were first seen together last November, when they allegedly had a bunch of secret dates in the Hampton’s, where they both own homes. They have also been seen traveling together with onlookers noticing their affection for each other.

“They told us they were on a trip and going on to St Louis before heading West. No one could believe that it was really him – he was so laidback and ordinary. They seemed like a great couple.”

“They looked totally in love,” said a resident of Ill. who saw the couple at a gas station.

Nancy Shevell Biography

Nancy Shevell is a 47 year old American who is currently seeking a divorce from her first husband. She is the vice president of her wealthy family’s firm and a top New York City transport official. She and her husband of 23 years, wealthy lawyer Bruce Blakeman, have confirmed their legal separation, and are in the works to finalize the divorce. Both have said the separation is amicable and mutual.

According to reports, after the divorce is final, Sir Paul McCartney will announce his engagement to Nancy Shevell. McCartney and Shevell have known each other for over ten years. She was a friend of his first wife Linda. She and Linda were diagnosed with breast cancer at the same time, and the two women fought the disease together. Linda passed away from the disease in 1998.

Will Paul McCartney make Nancy Shevell his wife? Time will tell I suppose.

Check out more photos and video below.

UPDATE:This story is being updated as the British media reports that Paul has asked his children for their blessing, as he plans to marry Nancy. Paul especially wanted to be sure that the marriage would be okay with his daughter, Stella, who was reportedly not so pleased with his last choice.

In other Paul McCartney news, he is the latest celebrity to sign up for a Grammy performance. So wedding or not, we have something to look forward to.

Nancy ShevellNancy ShevellNancy ShevellNancy Shevell

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Nancy Shevell Pictures

Nancy Shevell Video

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8 Responses to “Nancy Shevell Is Paul McCartney’s Girlfriend”

  1. 1
    Kera Says:

    i think he wont after all be been tru but if she does i wish him all the luck in thw world she look like she loves!!!!! money

  2. 2
    Susie Says:

    Anything’s better than that one-legged hose hound he just got rid of……

  3. 3
    Janet Says:

    Paul, why don’t you take a female break? You have just been through a difficult divorce with which I agree with Susie that one-legged hose and money hound. (Way to go Susie) If you give yourself some time to sort things out instead of jumping back into the horrible world of dating, especially with the funds he has to offer, maybe then he could find someone that he could really connect with. Kick back, reflect and sort your feelings and wants from a woman and then go for it. Take some down time for yourself, and your kids and keep away from the
    money grubbers and women in general. It might really be good for you!!!

  4. 4
    brian tuten Says:

    con grads sir paul you deserve 2 be happy each and everyday lifes 2 damm short 2 worry bout what other people think peace pot and micrcdot

  5. 5
    Margaret Says:

    Does Paul McCartney know about mobbing and gangstalking?

  6. 6
    lindy Says:

    It is kind of fun watching Paul McCartney’s choice of wives/girlfriends/lovers, and more. He certainly hasn’t lived a dull life, and he is fortunate that he met someone who he can give his affection. It is worth more than a lifetime of sourgrapes and depression. I’m wondering what the engagement ring is going to look like……wow! Maybe Stella can design the wedding dress, ring, and help with the plans for the guest list! Mobbing and stalking is a threat, but good security is availabe, and Paul and Nancy will have it in place. God speed to the celerity couple!

  7. 7
    lindy Says:

    Here I am in tine, wondering why I can’t find any prgress about Paul’s romance with Nancy. He has been wih her since Heather and his divorce, but nothing new seems in the plans yet. He certainly doesn’t need to keep sringing her along, because time is a woman’s worst enemy. I am sure Nancy doesn’ like the name tag, “hoe” and wife would be much better. Now lets see, Linda lived with Paul and eventually got him to the door of matrimony, and is this possible with anyone else?

  8. 8
    jessica Says:

    I’ve wanted nothing else in the world more than for Sir Paul Mccartney to find a wonderful woman…
    I really hope this will turn out great.
    And i hope she doesnt hurt him.
    I just want him to be ABSOLUTLY sure about this one….
    she does seem nice though

    luv you Sir Paul…. i hope this turns out great