Sarah Palin Affair?

September 3, 2008

Did Sarah Palin have an affair? That’s what the National Enquirer is sort of alleging, but sort of not. See photos and video of Sarah below.

Of course, we must consider the source of this allegation that Sarah Palin had an affair which turns out was apparently the Obama campaign itself. The National Enquirer, supermarket tabloid extraordinaire, alleges sort of that Palin might have had an affair with her husband’s business partner based on a tip. Who says so and why?

Turns out upon examination that the story is based on an anonymous source which the paper itself describes as an “incredible charge” by someone who appears to be a well-connected insider. The story may have come down to someone in the Obama campaign feeding the Enquirer a line. Their disclaimer that the charge was not credible did not pacify Sarah Palin’s team who are going to make a political issue out of media bias and dirty tricks from the Obama campaign.

McCain adviser Steve Schmidt said earlier today:

“The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie.”

The McCain camp has denied the Palin affair rumor, and is threatening to sue the National Enquirer over these allegations. So far Obama himself remains silent.

The tabloid issued a statement to the Huffington Post, where they barely spoke of their allegations of the Sarah Palin affair but yet brought up issues not even related to this story, and spoke of their “exclusives on John Edwards” in the statement as well. The Enquirer has stated that they will have a more detailed report next week. Give me a break.

The issue also writes about Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol, whose pregnancy was announced on Monday. An insider tells the tab that Palin wanted to announce her daughter’s pregnancy and that a wedding date was set before McCain publicly announced Palin as his running mate. That was nixed by the baby daddy, Levi Johnston, who refused with those plans.

Right Celebrity challenges Barack Obama to fire the campaign staffer who apparently put out this baseless rumor in the good old boy method of sexist partisan politics. What are your thoughts on this latest rumor of a Sarah Palin affair and who is making the allegations? Add your comments! More photos and video below.

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90 Responses to “Sarah Palin Affair?”

  1. 1
    canales Says:

    this is all just a booty show. bring some random leggy woman with loose kids out, show her around, and win the votes of millions of men who keep repuglican thugs in power. palin isn’t a vice president, she’s a repuglican style centerfold.

  2. 2
    Gunner Sykes Says:

    Keep these idiotic smear posts coming. I truly enjoy watching Ms. Palin get angry and kick Obama’s ass over garbage like this.

    It’s fine entertainment.

  3. 3
    jimmy Says:

    Perhaps her latest child is not her husbands

  4. 4
    lynnie Says:

    I really wouldn’t doubt this story since I have known about it for a long time. Weird though since my cousin lives in Alaska and said, when Palin was mentioned by the press to be the VP choice of McCain that there were “many secrets in her closet that would shock the McCain campaign and that she was a deceptive, control freak who didn’t care who she stepped on. He also said that there was an affair and he thought it would be made public”. I laughed at him because I am a McCain supporter but now I am really wondering if she is going to ruin McCain’s chances. I guess time will tell. The Enquirer is not likely to mess with the powerful forces of McCain and the Republicans without proof. Makes me shiver.

  5. 5
    monica Says:

    I don’t believe the Obama campaign needs to spread vicious rumors about Ms. Palin, I’m confident the truth (whatever that is) will surface. as for the rumors – they are just that. She is applying for the 2nd most powerful position in the free world…she better know how to take a punch from the rumor mill and get back up, or she has no business in the VP slot.

    The fact of the matter is that this woman, although very likable is in no way prepared to run this country if McCain should end his biblically promised days in the next 4 years. She just got a passport last year…and she will be representing all the nuances of American culture to the world? Forget it…I’ll take the educated black guy.

  6. 6
    Sally Says:

    If the McCain thought it was not legitimate, Why threaten? They wouldn’t be suing, they would sue for defamation of character and libel since the damage has been done and would get the paper to shut the story down and issue a retraction.

  7. 7
    Boris Says:

    Is the National Enquirer noted for their journalistic integrity? NO.

    Does the mud sometime stick when they throw it as in John Edwards? Of course as in even a broken clock…etc.

    What is the National enquirer most interested in? Circulation & Money. FOLLOW THE MONEY!

    Who has tons of it and who is scared to death of this woman? THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN!

  8. 8
    Karen Says:

    Wait a minute. This rumor is being floated by the press (not the reputable press, but press nonetheless), NOT the Obama campaign. I know how we all love a fight, and we pretend we are just observers and commentators. In fact, there are many voices adding to the negative tone, the press among them. Let’s be a little more careful about how we attribute this trash. If you are an (R) you want to put this off on Obama’s campaign, but that’s just lazy reporting.

  9. 9
    BigHeadTodd Says:

    The REACTIONARY party has nothing but name-calling and fear to run on. So, of course, being the bullies they are they react like children “It wasn’t me” when they get caught up in yet another hypocritical moment.

    The REACTIONARIES can spew all the lies they want and hope some of the s*** sticks, but they cannot escape 8 years of a failed foreign policy, 8 years of a failed domestic policy, and 8 years of literally handing the keys to the candy store to the ultra-rich corporate pigs.


  10. 10
    clc Says:

    it’s interesting that RIGHT CELEBRITY is insinuating (gossiping without proof just like the tabloids…) it was Obama with absolutely no evidence whatsoever. you guys are pretty self righteous about this Sarah Palin story not being true but have no problem kicking up more untrue gossip that an Obama aide leaked it. Please. This is all ridiculous and even more ridiculous that Republicans are outrages at the coverage of Sarah. Where was the outrage with Michelle? Hillary? Obama? you reap what you sow guys…

  11. 11
    clc Says:

    and to Boris’s deep throat advice of “follow the money” … the money is with Republicans and big business since we have no middle class anymore b/c of Bush and the Republican party who would rather mock peoples needs and be nasty than have a real conversation about what this country needs. Here’s a fact: Mccain DID pick Palin after 15-20 min meeting ONE time. “Country First?” Nope. Politics as usual.

  12. 12
    Moderate Red Says:

    Turns out that wishing it was an Obama supporter isn’t the same as it being true, go figure.

  13. 13
    Jedeki Says:

    According to friends in Alaska, the rumors of the affair and questioning the parentage of her 4 month old son are several months old and were started by her Alaska Republican opponents, not the Obama campaign.

  14. 14
    Sickening Says:

    Your insinuation that this news was fed by the Obama campaign is as repulsive as the possibility of the enquirer story being a lie. What proof do you have? The republicans ability to lie and spin the truth never ceases the amaze me. I hate the idea of a family being torn apart but I almost hope this story is true so the GOP can be taught a solid lesson on what it really means to make uninformed “maverick” decisions.

  15. 15
    VP Says:

    Please. The Obama campaign had nothing to do with the affair rumor. Obama and the team probably cares less about what Palin do or didn’t do. They are focused on the issues and where she and John McCain stands on them period. Get your facts straight. How could one minute the source be annoymous and then you say in the next breath Obama put it out there. You are obviously a lie starter!

  16. 16
    Will Richards Says:

    “The story apparently comes down to someone in the Obama campaign feeding the Enquirer a line.”

    Where’s the source for this statement?

  17. 17
    Trudy Says:

    Revealing truth is not a smear. I am looking forward to Palin getting caught in her lies.

  18. 18
    Boris Says:

    Sorry if I have offended you crybaby liberals .

    This woman has had more scrutiny in four days than BHO has had in 18 months. The major media treats him with kid gloves and never holds him to the fire.

    There is something very wrong with a senator running for the Presidency that does not mention anything he has ever accomplished as a senator but keeps refering to the fact that he was a ‘community organizer’ whatever that is!

    What about Rev.Wright – He attended this church for 20 years and didn’t realize that the guy is a total loon. If that’s the case then he’s too stupid to be president which I don’t believe to be true. So I am left to conclude that he buys into what Wright stands for and is putting on an act for the American people.

    What about Ayers? What about Resko? This guy has a backet of dark secrets that the major media for whatever reason refuses to put under the spotlight!

    But don’t worry, if it ever does come up BHO will just put them under the bus. Survival at any cost. No Integrity!

    If I were Joe Biden, I would get that VP thing in writing or start wearing a dress.

  19. 19
    JeffofOH Says:

    The odds are now 7:1 that Palin will drop out of the race, according to InTrade. And that was before the “rumors” about her extramarital affair were published. I guess when John McCain tried last Monday to “flush the toilet” (as a senior adviser to Ms. Palin put it) of all the Palin rumors, he should have held the handle down a little longer. I just sent another contribution to Obama, because McCain really needs to be stopped. Another decision like the Palin VP choice, and we are all doomed.

  20. 20
    Boris Says:

    Oh JeffofOH:

    Learn how to read intrade. It reads that the is a 7.1% chance that Sarah Palin will drop out. That says to me that there is a 92.9% chance that she stays in. Nice try anyway!

  21. 21
    Rep Says:

    The tip came from a local. It’s funny when Edwards was exposed, your rhetoric was a lot different.

  22. 22
    Bjarne Says:

    Jimmy says: “Perhaps her latest child is not her husbands”

    I strongly doubt that. If the baby was her husband that would be strange enough, but if the baby was actually her husbands – plural – that would be just plain weird. How is that even possible?

    Besides, what has this got to do with the extramarital affair?

  23. 23
    Nigel Says:

    Saying that Obama should fire the “individual” who leaked this story is ridiculous. He has said that he would do so over anyone in his campaign that would attack her children, they are off limits. Sarah has put herself out there as a target now and needs to address these allegations. Republicans are quick to dish out but cry uncle when the tables have turned, this is her Reverend Wright. I am sure this is just the begining of her dirty little secrets coming to light.

  24. 24
    Repub for Life Says:


    Do everyone a favor, and get your facts straight before spouting crap, will ya? And this is coming from someone who is not only voting FOR Mcain, but has been a die-hard Republican for over 22 years. At least have the guts to be intellectually honest when supporting our side.

    1) Crybaby Liberals? Is that the best you can do to defend your position? Put some meat on the bones and quit falling back on tired cliches to make your point.

    2) Obama got a pass from the media? Are you for real or have you not been paying attention for the past 6 months? The media gave him a sound drubbing on all the issues you just mentioned, and more. Whether he deserved it or not is not the point. It played REPEATEDLY in the media for months, from Fox to Limbaugh on the right, to some rather liberal media outlets who jumped on it. It nearly sank his candidacy, so what the hell are you talking about. Somehow, he recovered from it, as I’m sure Palin will, but you sound like the crybaby here trying to blame the media for attacking her, while not giving credit to the same outfits that smacked down Obama. Again, work on your intellectual honesty a bit. And learn to take it if you want to dish it out, buddy.

    Politics is a hardball game. You don’t want us to lose, then buck up and quit whining about this. We can’t afford to have folks like you doing exactly what you are accusing the other side of doing.

  25. 25
    bill mayer Says:

    I think palin is the sexy librarian type and mcain will soon be gettin head just like Bill clinton…..wouldn’t you…..

  26. 26
    jaisoon Says:

    i don’t like these story because they take away from the main reason palin is bad.
    she was for the 200+million earmark for the bridge.
    she left her city 20 million in debt, a town of 7000.
    her husband was a member of a separatist party.
    she ran a 527 to defend corrupt politicians in alaska.
    she wants to teach creationism in public school science classes along side evolution.
    she doesn’t want sex education taught in school, or any mention of condoms.
    she wanted to have books banned in her towns library. and threatened to fire the librarian.
    troopergate abuse of power case pending.
    and on and on.

  27. 27
    Louis Says:

    Apparently all of the women in the family are sluts.

  28. 28
    Boris Says:

    Hey, Repub for Life buddy,

    Calling yourself a Republican doesn’t nessesarily make it so!

    Never has there been a presidential candidate who has hung less meat on the bones for the American people to make an informed decision than BHO. Constantly repeating the word “CHANGE” does not inform me of anything! What CHANGE? The major media never presses for any answers from this guy.

    You say,”The media gave him a sound drubbing on all the issues you just mentioned, and more.” What! What channel did they have you locked into in the home? JUST THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE. Major media did their best to bury all of his dirty laundry. If it were not for Hannity & Limbaugh they would have buried it completely. Make no mistake about it BHO is the media’s candidate bar none. Ask Hillary!

    However, according to you ‘Repub for Life’ some RATHER LIBERAL MEDIA OUTLETS jumped on those stories and REPEATEDLY played it for months. And it nearly sank his candidacy!!
    Well, buddy if you have the guts to be “intellectually honest” ….NAME THEM!

  29. 29
    CD Reed Says:

    I would side with you assertion of the allegation of a Palin affair being baseless if you hadn’t put up a baseless allegation of your own.

    Where the proof in any way that this tip came from the Obama campaign. Where are YOUR facts? Making up things degrades your argument that the Enquirer is making things up.

    And no word from Obama? He only said unequivocally this week that the private lives of Palin’s daughters were off limits. Or were you too busy making up facts on Obama to see the real ones.

    So we’ve heard for weeks from the GOP pundits on how the mainstream media ignored the Enquirer reports of the John Edwards affair. So as usual, when the shoe is put on the other foot, the right cries like babies.

    Hypocrisy first.

  30. 30
    bill Says:

    This is what Republicans do. When they’re caught in something dirty, the first thing they do is deny and blame the “drive-by media” or the awful Democrats. Only when the pictures are produced or the culprit makes an admission do they stop…..til the next time.

    (Remember the senator with the “wide stance” in the airport mens’ room, the Florida congressman who preferred young boys & camping trips, the representative from Louisiana who turned up on the DC hooker’s list of clients, Newt Gingrich, the congressman who chased down Clinton’s affair, the Limbaugh narcotics & doc-shopping case, etc., etc? By the way, Limbaugh’s millions apparently made that one disappear!)

    As for the National Enquirer, I don’t read it. However, they apparently were the only ones to run the Edwards story to ground when the media wouldn’t touch it. Give the Enquirer time and they’ll likely run down this one too. After all, there is at least one person outside the family who knows the truth and for the right fee, I’m sure he’ll fess up if it’s true.

    I agree with jaisoon above (26). You can add to the list failure to pay for the business license and taxes on the carwash.

  31. 31
    bill Says:

    This is what Republicans do. When they’re caught in something dirty, the first thing they do is deny and blame the “drive-by media” or the awful Democrats. Only when the pictures are produced or the culprit makes an admission do they stop…..til the next time.

    (Remember the senator with the “wide stance” in the airport mens’ room, the Florida congressman who preferred young boys & camping trips, the representative from Louisiana who turned up on the DC hooker’s list of clients, Newt Gingrich, the congressman who chased down Clinton’s affair, the Limbaugh narcotics & doc-shopping case, etc., etc? By the way, Limbaugh’s millions apparently made that one disappear!)

    As for the National Enquirer, I don’t read it. However, they apparently were the only ones to run the Edwards story to ground when the media wouldn’t touch it. Give the Enquirer time and they’ll likely run down this one too. After all, there is at least one person outside the family who knows the truth and for the right fee, I’m sure he’ll fess up if it’s true.

    I agree with jaisoon above (26). You can add to the list failure to pay for the business license and taxes on the carwash.

  32. 32
    Allen Says:

    True or not , I seriously doubt the rumors came from the Obama camp. Why should they? She’ll already got way too many strikes against her…another’s not needed

  33. 33
    Boris Says:

    Hypocrisy first!!
    She’ll already got way too many strikes!

    Talk about hypocrisy, you have got this woman condemned with no proof. Just on the word of some unknown left wing loony bloggers!

    “For the right fee, I’m sure he’ll fess up if it’s true.” —- for the right fee most people will tell you whatever you want to hear! Didn’t you ever hear of paid for expert witnesses?

    “Obama said unequivocally this week that the private lives of Palin’s daughters were off limits.” Gee, do you think maybe he had his fingers crossed?

    This is politics. If necessary he will say or do anthing to win. To him it is all about OBAMA! It is all about winning!

  34. 34
    TJ Says:

    OMG how much more can there be?

    Five kids and she still has enough energy for an affair?? GIve her the job already.

    I know it is only a rumor now, but think this might be true and you didn’t need Obama’s camp to leak it, here’s why.

    1) They actually mention the individual-her husbands business partner. She might be fair game as a public servant, but he is certainly not.

    2) She has a really pissed off ex-brother in law who knows the family secrets and would expose her just for the sport of it.

    3) She has pissed off a lot of people, especially Republicans in Alaska and they would love to hand over her head on platter.

    4) If it weren’t, McCain’s people would sue, not “threaten to sue”

    Team Obama is just sitting back waiting for the other high heel to drop and if it does, it will probably be the nail in the coffin.

  35. 35
    Repub for Life Says:

    Thank you Boris…

    You have proven my point for me.

  36. 36
    AJ Says:

    How dare this article state that this allegation came from the Obama camp without any evidence WHATSOEVER!!

  37. 37
    Paul Says:

    Republicans were ALL OVER the John Edwards scandal about him cheating on his wife when it broke on National Enquirer.

    But now that it’s on Sarah Palin, the Republicans are saying the National Enquirer is lying and that Obama planted the information.

    Stick with one story, Republicans! Either the National Enquirer is credible or it isn’t!

    Same with Rush Limbaugh’s hypocrisy! When a caller to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show asked about Jamie Lynn Spears’ parents, Limbaugh:

    Caller: Would you tend to think that a family in this position, though, wouldn’t you think that there would be a more watchful eye as a parent to be watching over these kids so this doesn’t happen to them?

    Limbaugh: I would certainly hope so, but it’s long past time for this to happen. The parents here are the culprits!

    But where is Judge Rush Limbaugh when it comes to Bristol Palin? Aren’t her parents, Todd and Sarah Palin, culprits?!?

    Republicans are lying, feces-smearing HYPOCRITES.

  38. 38
    Boris Says:

    Hey, ‘Repub for Life’, Still waiting for the names of the ‘RATHER LIBERAL MEDIA OUTLETS who jumped on those stories and REPEATEDLY played it for months. And it nearly sank Obama’s candidacy’.

    Guess you made that part up. So much for intergrity and intellectual honesty!

  39. 39
    Sheri Says:

    It is okay to talk about John Edwards affair but not Sarah Palins? I guess the media is biased as men’s affairs are fair game but not women’s.

  40. 40
    Repub for Life Says:


    You apparently are not too bright are you?

    Let’s see, where shall we start?

    Print Media:
    Washington Post
    Vanity Fair

    TV News Outlets:

    Talking Points Memo
    Daily Kos
    My DD

    Need a few more? Links perhaps to stories and dates when his approval ratings took a nose dive in the light of constant coverage? Or do you not understand how to Google and do a few simple internet searches? Hmmm? Am I going to have to hold your hand through the entire process?

    Are you going to claim that these are not “liberal media outlets”? For doing so would completely undermine your argument.

    Have at it big guy! The truth hurts, but at least I can face it. Good luck with your path to self awareness. It’s gonna hurt, but you need the lesson apparently. I did, and it is sobering to know the truth about your enemies. Try it sometime instead of spouting rhetoric. Know the facts.

    By the way, YouTube is a wonderful resource for helping me continue to make an ass out of you if you’d like in front of all these people. It’s all there, in living color. In the talking heads own words.

    Prove me wrong. I dare you…

  41. 41
    E. DeLuna Says:

    Why do you automatically blame Obama’s campaign? Because this is the type of smear tactics you right wingers excel at? What purpose would it serve anyway, since you kool-aid drinkers love her more and more even as she is exposed as disingenuous and ruthless? Hillary might have baggage, but this b—h makes her look like Mother Teresa. And almost any Republican makes Obama look like Saint Francis. If she had had an affair, you would just find a way to excuse it the way you excuse her incompetent parenting of her son and daughter.

  42. 42
    AR Says:

    Well I would not be surprised if it turned out to be true. I figure her for a slapper anyway.

  43. 43
    Dennis Thompson Says:

    At least she is not gay like most of the recent Republican scandles. She is just the VP, a nothing job. We need at least 4 more years if not 8 more years of the samething we have have the last 8 years.


  44. 44
    brian j Says:

    I will back Obama firing the alleged leaker IF Bush fires Cheney for leaking the identity of Valerie Plame (which he promised to do but did not).

  45. 45
    Cheryl Says:

    Nothing about this woman or her family would shock me. I am an evangelical and will not vote for her or McCain. I don’t believe in tokenism.

    True family values are not just saying I don’t support abortion. It is about raising your kids properly also – something Mrs. Palin apparently never learned.

  46. 46
    Rae Hughs Says:

    I think it’s very interesting that she’s saying this allegation is “good old boy method of sexist partisan politics” when she said that when Hillary Clinton made a similar claim she was “whining” and that when she heard Hillary say things like that she thought “that doesn’t help our cause” (equality for women). Hmmm. Kind of like when she campaigned on a platform FOR the bridge but then changed her mind once they got the money. Kind of like when she said calling it the “bridge to nowhere” was insulting but then used that very phrase in her acceptance speech. Hmmm. Kind of makes me wonder about her flip-flops…

  47. 47
    Jenny Says:

    I heard this rumor from my Navy buddy in Alaska about 4 months ago. Like the pregnant daughter story it was already being whispered before McCain tapped her. The daughter story turned out to be true and the National Enquirer was right about the Edwards affair. Brace yourself. This story may truer than you hope.

  48. 48
    lynnie Says:

    Palin=Ann Coulter!

  49. 49
    Nance Says:

    Janette, You are worse than the tabloids you criticize!!

    What is the source for your assertion that the Obama campaign leaked this false story to the National Enquirer? Looks like NONE.

  50. 50
    Pulin Says:

    Brace yourself !!!

    This story may truer than you hope.

  51. 51
    Kitty Collins Says:

    Look out…2 days ago Scott Richter’s attorney filed a motion to seal his divorce papers. Yesterday it was denied.

  52. 52
    AimeeAlabama Says:

    Sarah is not trust-worthy. Look into her eyes, she looks like she would step on anyone. My impression of her is a total hypocrite in every way. I would not be surprised if she did not want her daughter to have the baby. I don’t trust her and although I really love McCain … the thought of her being president if the stress proved to much for his age… this woman can not be our president.
    Plus, why would he pick her and not Condelezza Rice or one of the many woman with much more experience and wisdom. I think it has something to do with OIL as usual. I can find no other reason he would choose her. We can all wait and see if this is affair story is true. I was really upset for Mrs. Edwards when the Enquirer broke the story on his affair. Sarah Palin makes me nervous and why McCain chose her I do not understand. She seems like a loose canon and a control freak all bundled into one.

  53. 53
    rico Says:

    I figure her for a slapper anyway.

    What’s a ‘slapper’?

  54. 54
    rico Says:

    FWIW, Condoleeza would have been a great oil-candidate. She used to be a Director with an oil company.

    I don’t like her, but I’d be confident that Condie could actually function pretty well in a Truman scenario. No way she’d take the job, though.

  55. 55
    Virgil Owen Says:

    I will be moving to Alaska in about 8 months. It is the most beautiful place on Earth. Sarah sounds like power got the best of her. In one week she has already told so many lies that she will have a hard time just covering up the lies she has already told. Eight Years ago John McCain was an attractive canidate. Today I see the same old tired ideas as George Bush has given us for eight years. John McCain got whipped into taking Palin by the party. Does that sound like a Maverick to you?Does that sound like an independant thinker to you? Just say no to 4 more years of Bush

  56. 56
    DraD Says:

    I don’t believe Obama’s campaign started this rumor. hell I could start the rumor with the way the internet is today and I’m not part of the Obama campaign. So slow your roll accusing his campaign of starting that rumor. That’s what the republicans want you to think. Let’s face the facts she is humans and all humans do stupid things even a good looking female govenor. Don’t let the Good Looks fool you.

  57. 57
    Deb Says:

    The McCain campaign would like to blame everything they don’t like to hear on Obama and his campaign. Just more and more whining.

  58. 58
    Steve Cornwall Says:

    This women is scary on so many counts.

  59. 59
    schmec Says:

    I see more Obama camp blogger employees here trying to spin things again by uttering those old cliche lines like, ” I was a McCain supporter but now I am reconsidering”, I lived in Alaska and have known about these rumors a long time!” These tired old lines are loosing their spin punch. Everyone knows that a big part of Obama’s campaign funds go to paying bloggers who pose as “Average American Citizens” to spin more bull. Give it up! It’s old and it’s not working anymore!

  60. 60
    joseph marcucilli Says:

    Apparently Palin is only qualified to be the president of vice.

  61. 61
    AR Says:

    Slapper – A slapper is a female who is a bit loose. A bit like a slag or a tart. Probably also translates into tramp in American.

  62. 62
    dave Says:

    How was the source of this the Obama campaign? How can you make an unsubstantiated statement like that? And can we just give this affair story a rest until something is definitively proven? Until then, it is just a rumor and a smear, you know, kind of like what Bush and Rove used to do and the Dems hated so much.

  63. 63
    dolly Says:

    you americans are like sheep being led to slaughter. you couldn’t see through what bush was doing, and he ruined the state of texas,God bring back ann richards, and you allowed him to lead you through this fisaco of 911/alchida/iraq? Just how dumb are you people to elect him and believed in him for another 4 years. clone, john mccain, will lead you through worse.He doesn’t look it now, just wait. And you thought bush was bad. Bomb, Bomb, Bomb,Bomb, Bomb Iran. You thought Iraq was bad. At least you can reason with Iraqis! wait til you tangle with the Iranians. There will be no reasoning. WAKE UP AMERICA. Stop following you government and start connecting with people

  64. 64
    Kitty Says:

    Dolly is that you? You know, the first cloned sheep. I thought you had died, but here you are making snide remarks and I’ve decided to join you. If you are in England, you have no advice to give, as your country is headed down the tubes. If you’re Canadian, read about England. If you’re Austrailian or New Zealander, don’t have anything to say except you guys are doing a pretty good job.

    If you’re an ex-pat American, don’t bother coming home.

    Most people who criticize want to be HERE and can’t get a visa.

  65. 65
    Melanie Says:

    I am with Dolly on this one. Why would it surprise anyone that a self-obsessed, sociopath who will do anything (including throwing her own children under the media bus) to achieve her own glory would cheat on her husband. This woman is poison and the sheep in this country blindly follow whatever message is being fed to them. As for the “love it or leave it” mentality, I do not have to leave my country because I believe my government is corrupt, in fact the patriotic thing to do is to stand up against what I feel is unjust and attempt to affect change. This woman goes againt all that the Christian Conservatives supposedly stand for and yet they ARE EATING RIGHT OUT OF HER HAND–baa!!! I believe it was Ghandi who said it best, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”

  66. 66
    maryann Says:

    The McCain/Pain ticket looks like a pimp and ‘ho show. McCain buckled under the right wing pressure and abandoned his first vp pick, Lieberman,for this woman, who is the lamest I’ve ever seen in a candidate.

  67. 67
    AR Says:

    Kitty says:

    September 8th, 2008 at 8:14 am
    Dolly is that you? You know, the first cloned sheep. I thought you had died, but here you are making snide remarks and I’ve decided to join you. If you are in England, you have no advice to give, as your country is headed down the tubes. If you’re Canadian, read about England. If you’re Austrailian or New Zealander, don’t have anything to say except you guys are doing a pretty good job.

    If you’re an ex-pat American, don’t bother coming home.

    Most people who criticize want to be HERE and can’t get a visa.

    Why do you say England is going down the tubes – drain? Why is Australia and New Zealand not. I live in the UK although not from here originally. I think its a very good country to live in.

  68. 68
    AR Says:

    Probably not as good as America though.

  69. 69
    oasis Says:

    just a reflection:
    strolling thru you tube i happened upon McCains “THE ONE” ad. you know the one where obama is depicted as a messiah type figure…and i thought if obama is “THE ONE” would that make McCain “the beast” and palin “the great harlot”?

  70. 70
    Norah Says:

    Why is everyone feeling badly about the media’s investigation of Sarah Palin? The Republicans threw in a total unknown a couple of months before the election. We need to find out everything we can about her quickly. Everything is fair game- she put herself in this position of scrutiny. The Republicans are using their usual tactics to keep us from examining this woman. The media has a responsibility to find out as much as possible. Frankly, I don’t find her appealing or nice- she is sarcastic and nasty.

  71. 71
    GOPismentalillness Says:

    Who has tons of it and who is scared to death of this woman? THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN!

    That has to be one of the most idiotic things I have ever read. Like “Boris” knows what in the hell the Obama campaign thinks. Let’s hear it for pulling stuff out of your a–. You people are delusional and always have been. You liken McCain to the Manchurian Candidate in 2000 and spread lies about his “black daughter by a prostitute” then you love all over him 7 years later. Pathetic.

  72. 72
    GOPismentalillness Says:

    I see more Obama camp blogger employees here trying to spin things again.

    What a bunch of tripe. The only reason I found you nest of nut cases is I googled Palin and affair to get some more info about her husband’s business partner. She fired her legislative director for having an affair with the business partner’s wife. The only party that pays bloggers is the GOP. How do I know?
    I was a campaign chair on McCain2000. Why do Republicans have such a hard time with the truth?

  73. 73
    William Says:

    This story was not floated by the Obama campaign it was floated by the The National Enquirer. For McBushes sake he better hope it is not true after going out of his way to deny it. This joke of a ticket is the most dangerous political trick in the history of this country. I guess that old saying that” not all Republicans are stupid just most of them” holds true with these two bold face liars.

  74. 74
    Rebecca Burt Says:

    [off topic]

  75. 75
    Deanna Christina Says:

    I love Sarah Palin. Based on everything I’ve seen, I trust her to do the job she’s chosen for. I am unconcerned about the rumors. They make me laugh because it’s all so silly. Obama is afraid and it makes him look weak and everyone so desperate to back him. You can’t buy the presidency. Oh wait a minute? That has happened before, right? Or is that a “rumor”?

  76. 76
    mike Says:

    I’d take the Harvard educated black man over any of these retarded cowboys, man or woman.

  77. 77
    Valdar Says:

    Bush, Cheney give Palin thumbs-up

    The headlines from AP….says it all….and then Karl Rowe was reported to have said that Palin was the Trojan Horse….which means to draw attention away from ISSUES–everyone will be focused on her and people will not realize until it is too late that we will have 4 more years of Bush, Cheney only with different names but the same polices. The GOP ‘spin machine’ has been oiled and is working well for this election. But what are her beliefs on issues? What are McCain’s plan to change when he votes with Bush 95% of the time, not 90%. The American People and Bristol and Levi are the victims in this election.

  78. 78
    Dan in Minnesota Says:

    It is fact that Mr. Palin’s business partner had his records sealed the moment Mrs. Palin was “chosen” after her thorough “vetting.” Talk about being rid hard and hung up vet!

  79. 79
    Mi De Lu Says:

    As usual, there are no sources documented which prove that Obama’s campaign had anything to do with the National Enquirer article. They make stuff up and the brainwashed Cons say YEESSSSS MASSSTEERRRRRR

  80. 80
    Julie Says:

    Isn’t it funny to hear the GOP whinning to the media about smear campaign’s and bias – that’s like the pot calling the kettle black – so to speak. The GOP are the ones who developed and mastered the dirty game. They are the ones along with their media shills – FAUX, Limbaugh, Savage, O’Reilly, Coulter, Beck and on and on who have degenerated the dialogue and made really bad behavior the norm. The silly whinners should clean up their own act before striking out at others.

  81. 81
    Melanie Says:

    Exactly Julie. They (Republicans) really need to clean up the mess in their own yard before they worry about mine.

  82. 82
    Sharon Topka Says:

    Sarah Palin is a Republican trick. A month ago she was a nobody now she is a liar. Karl Rove Republicanism is at its finest. People Wake up. It’s another trick. If McCain is elected 4 more years of Bush!! Our country will be gone and all the bushy’s George, Karl, Donald, Dick will be in Dubai and we will all be stuck with Nothing. Evangelicals FYI Jesus was a Liberal…
    Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was the governor. READ YOUR BIBLES… Please dont fall for the tricks this time if you want truth vote Democrat It’s not republican vs. democrat it’s republican tricks vs. democratic truths.

  83. 83
    gdstarley Says:

    Well,It never fails to amaze me how we all like to read and hear gossip.I just never take it serious.I am sure there is not a person in office that does not have something they want to hide.The papers need to sell to stay in business and the reporters have to make more then it is to keep their jobs.So I read and laugh and call it good trash.

  84. 84
    cetewayo Says:

    John McCain gravitate to women like Palin. His biography reveals that he was a hell-raising, womanizing, drinker. His daughter in a recent interview revealed that he dated a stripper. After he returned from Viet Nam, and found the woman he married, Carol, whose occupation previously was a model…after he found that she was no longer attractive to him, he started cheating on her, until he met his current wife, Cindy, who became pregnant while he was still married to Carol. A hero is an awesome father, who is a loyal dedicated mate to his wife. What John McCain did to those people was not heroic at all. After marrying the millionairess, Cindy, she chose to steal drugs from disadvantaged children of a charity group she was a volunteer for. The former Miss Rodeo, remember my first sentence, was recently nominated for the slut contest of the Sturgis motorcycly rally by her husband, a probable leader of this nation, and the free world. That’s not Presidential. It is my understanding that Sarah Palin was a former beauty contestant. I have seen a photo of her in an American flag-type bikini, holding what appears to be an assualt rifle. You go girl! Sarah Palin’s past, and current problems, along with her being very unqualified to lead this nation brings into question what was John McCain thinking when he chose her? He was thinking with his little head, again. If his objective was to seriously consider a woman on the ticket, especially to scoop up the disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters, why didn’t he choose someone like Kay Bailey Hutchinson, or Elizabeth Dole. Both who are very well qualified, very highly intelligent, very well known by the American public, very much respected, and very much loved. The only qualifications that John McCain saw was Sarah Palin’s looks, beauty contestant background, and her Republican registery. I am sure there are going to be some truths about Sarah Palin that is going to be revealed, and that will call into McCain’s fitness for judgement. If you have not learned from the past, and if you want people like McCain/Palin to head this country, that is why we have the freedom to vote our choices. But it will call into question what are you thinking, if you can think, what are you drinking, and what are you smoking? This election is not about a pretty face (who has exhibited the traits of a slight air-headedness).

  85. 85
    rob king Says:

    We all know that the Inquirer is an addendun to the clintonistas…is operated by friends and fellow travellers of the clintoons, so they lie constantly. This scrub sheet has been sued by numerous celebs, and hope that this story gets sued just enough to put them out of business…I know they would like to bring Sarah down to the level of the females that everyone admires, the actresses and so forth that follow their cunts around, but Im betting that they won’t succeed. Rotten scum….Rob king

  86. 86
    Indi Says:

    I keep watching CNN, FOX and MSNBC and still nothing on the Palin affair! Keep your fingers crossed, moon-bats, true or not it’s got to hit the mainstream and ruin her chances soon enough.

    Even if they have to fabricate the entire thing I hope they do what it takes to get the Obama/Biden ticket elected!!!

    You fvcking froot cakes

  87. 87
    SheShe Says:

    Where’s the proof??????????? Hello, motel receipts, lobby clerks that saw something, photos etc.? You have got to be kidding me if the Dem’s had anything, ANYTHING substantial don’t ya think we would have seen it ALL by now! How ignorant can the Obama supporters be?!?! Good grief get educated, please. Do expend some of that energy on researching the candidate with the violent, anti American connections that are riddled with proof positive documentation and photos. What are you thinking?

  88. 88
    ApM Says:

    I am not a republican or democrat. I think the political system in the US is ridiculous to say that I can’t be Prolife and Pro environment and pro legalization of marijuana (all things that I am), etc and have a candidate that supports these things and has a chance of winning. I was a supporter of McCain until he chose Palin. I can’t stand this woman! I would not be surprised if she has cheated on her husband and she does seem like kind of an idiot. If she did cheat, I think she should be held to a higher standard because she is in the public eye AND she claims to stand up for Christian morals and values. As far as her preggo daughter though, my parents raised me very well in a loving, Christian atmosphere and I got pregnant (older though, at 21) outside of marriage. You can’t control what your kids do no matter how great of a parent you are.

  89. 89
    CR Says:

    I have never voted and I am 36 I happend to watch the vp debate the other night and it seemed to me that palin was trying to dance around the question instead of giving a straight answer and you people who are for mcain and palin can you please explain some thing polin said. she said that mcain wants to keep the war in iraq going untill we win and wants to send more supporte and money over for our troop’s and wants to lower our tax’s for the middle class. Now my big question is how is it gonna be possible to lower tax’s for the middle class when where still at war in iraq running the US 3 billion a week. if they lower tax’s they cant supporte the war efforte. obama wants to have iraq use their 80+ billon to support the war effort and have out troop’s train their soldgers then start to bring our troops home and he wants to quite giving tax breaks to the oil company’s and stop the ceo’s having offshore bank accounts to avoid paying tax’s and wants to give a tax break to the middle class this was all said in the VP DEBATE

  90. 90
    Obama's Mistress Says:

    […] Originally Posted by The Gunny You know I am reminded of a phrase from my youth, "PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULDN’T THROW STONES!" Considering that McCains first marriage ended in divorce due to his ADMITTED INFIDELITY on NUMEROUS OCCAISIONS. And the current allegations against Sara Palins extra-marital affair with her husbands business partner I would think they would be smart enough to refrain from throwing rocks. Oh well as long as when this gets ugly and it will everyone remembers who started throwing rocks first. Your right Gunny, we really shouldn’t be throwing stones. But let’s look at who’s reporting on Palin’s affair, The National Enquirer. We all know how reputable a paper that is.: Sarah Palin Affair? Right Celebrity […]