Sarah Palin Affair?

September 3, 2008

Did Sarah Palin have an affair? That’s what the National Enquirer is sort of alleging, but sort of not. See photos and video of Sarah below.

Of course, we must consider the source of this allegation that Sarah Palin had an affair which turns out was apparently the Obama campaign itself. The National Enquirer, supermarket tabloid extraordinaire, alleges sort of that Palin might have had an affair with her husband’s business partner based on a tip. Who says so and why?

Turns out upon examination that the story is based on an anonymous source which the paper itself describes as an “incredible charge” by someone who appears to be a well-connected insider. The story may have come down to someone in the Obama campaign feeding the Enquirer a line. Their disclaimer that the charge was not credible did not pacify Sarah Palin’s team who are going to make a political issue out of media bias and dirty tricks from the Obama campaign.

McCain adviser Steve Schmidt said earlier today:

“The smearing of the Palin family must end. The allegations contained on the cover of the National Enquirer insinuating that Gov. Palin had an extramarital affair are categorically false. It is a vicious lie.”

The McCain camp has denied the Palin affair rumor, and is threatening to sue the National Enquirer over these allegations. So far Obama himself remains silent.

The tabloid issued a statement to the Huffington Post, where they barely spoke of their allegations of the Sarah Palin affair but yet brought up issues not even related to this story, and spoke of their “exclusives on John Edwards” in the statement as well. The Enquirer has stated that they will have a more detailed report next week. Give me a break.

The issue also writes about Palin’s 17-year-old daughter Bristol, whose pregnancy was announced on Monday. An insider tells the tab that Palin wanted to announce her daughter’s pregnancy and that a wedding date was set before McCain publicly announced Palin as his running mate. That was nixed by the baby daddy, Levi Johnston, who refused with those plans.

Right Celebrity challenges Barack Obama to fire the campaign staffer who apparently put out this baseless rumor in the good old boy method of sexist partisan politics. What are your thoughts on this latest rumor of a Sarah Palin affair and who is making the allegations? Add your comments! More photos and video below.

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90 Responses to “Sarah Palin Affair?”

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  1. 51
    Kitty Collins Says:

    Look out…2 days ago Scott Richter’s attorney filed a motion to seal his divorce papers. Yesterday it was denied.

  2. 52
    AimeeAlabama Says:

    Sarah is not trust-worthy. Look into her eyes, she looks like she would step on anyone. My impression of her is a total hypocrite in every way. I would not be surprised if she did not want her daughter to have the baby. I don’t trust her and although I really love McCain … the thought of her being president if the stress proved to much for his age… this woman can not be our president.
    Plus, why would he pick her and not Condelezza Rice or one of the many woman with much more experience and wisdom. I think it has something to do with OIL as usual. I can find no other reason he would choose her. We can all wait and see if this is affair story is true. I was really upset for Mrs. Edwards when the Enquirer broke the story on his affair. Sarah Palin makes me nervous and why McCain chose her I do not understand. She seems like a loose canon and a control freak all bundled into one.

  3. 53
    rico Says:

    I figure her for a slapper anyway.

    What’s a ‘slapper’?

  4. 54
    rico Says:

    FWIW, Condoleeza would have been a great oil-candidate. She used to be a Director with an oil company.

    I don’t like her, but I’d be confident that Condie could actually function pretty well in a Truman scenario. No way she’d take the job, though.

  5. 55
    Virgil Owen Says:

    I will be moving to Alaska in about 8 months. It is the most beautiful place on Earth. Sarah sounds like power got the best of her. In one week she has already told so many lies that she will have a hard time just covering up the lies she has already told. Eight Years ago John McCain was an attractive canidate. Today I see the same old tired ideas as George Bush has given us for eight years. John McCain got whipped into taking Palin by the party. Does that sound like a Maverick to you?Does that sound like an independant thinker to you? Just say no to 4 more years of Bush

  6. 56
    DraD Says:

    I don’t believe Obama’s campaign started this rumor. hell I could start the rumor with the way the internet is today and I’m not part of the Obama campaign. So slow your roll accusing his campaign of starting that rumor. That’s what the republicans want you to think. Let’s face the facts she is humans and all humans do stupid things even a good looking female govenor. Don’t let the Good Looks fool you.

  7. 57
    Deb Says:

    The McCain campaign would like to blame everything they don’t like to hear on Obama and his campaign. Just more and more whining.

  8. 58
    Steve Cornwall Says:

    This women is scary on so many counts.

  9. 59
    schmec Says:

    I see more Obama camp blogger employees here trying to spin things again by uttering those old cliche lines like, ” I was a McCain supporter but now I am reconsidering”, I lived in Alaska and have known about these rumors a long time!” These tired old lines are loosing their spin punch. Everyone knows that a big part of Obama’s campaign funds go to paying bloggers who pose as “Average American Citizens” to spin more bull. Give it up! It’s old and it’s not working anymore!

  10. 60
    joseph marcucilli Says:

    Apparently Palin is only qualified to be the president of vice.

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