Kris Thykier Is Claudia Winkleman’s Husband

August 31, 2008

Meet Kris Thykier, the husband of Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman. Rumors are flying around that the couple is fighting to save their marriage, as conflicting schedules have come between them. Read his biography and see photos and video here.

Kris Thykier and Claudia Winkleman have various media sources reporting that after 8 years of marriage, they are now in danger of divorce. Apparently the successful couple is allowing their restrictive schedules to come between them. Claudia is a successful television host on Strictly Come Dancing and It Takes Two, and Kris is trying to break through as a film producer in Hollywood. Things are said to be getting worse, as Winkleman was spotted with out her wedding ring a few days ago, and was overheard saying, “I’m sorry, I can’t talk about this now.�?

Kris Thykier Biogaphy

Kris Thykier’s biogaphy so far is this; Once a partner of the infamous PR firm Freud Communications is now partnered with film director Matthew Vaughn and is trying to become a successful movie producer. He and Claudia reside in a London home, and are neighbors of Tony Blair.

The couple has two children – Jake, five, and Matilda, who is two. Now Thykier and Winkleman are giving their marriage another try. According to reports, Kris and Claudia were considered to be one of the most solid celebrity couples, so any news of a possible divorce is a bit surprising and sad.

Hopefully they can get back on track.

More pictures and video below.

Claudia Winkleman Video

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