Ashley Ellerin: Ashton Kutcher’s Ex-Girlfriend

August 30, 2008

Ashley Ellerin is the slain ex-girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher. Read a biography of Ashley along with photos below.

Ashley Ellerin, the former girlfriend of Ashton Kutcher, was found dead in her Hollywood Hills home in February 2001. Michael Gargiulo, a 32-year-old air conditioning repairman from Santa Monica, has been linked to Ellerin’s death, due to a DNA match between he and Ellerin. Gargiulo is already in jail (since July), stemming from charges of attempted murder on a woman from Santa Monica last April. His DNA has also matched other crime scenes in which two women were fatally stabbed, one from Chicago (1993) and one from Monterey Park (2005).

The night before she was found dead in her home, Kutcher had gone to her Hollywood Hills home to pick her up for a post-Grammys party. When she didn’t answer the door, he went around to the back of her home and looked through a window and found what he believed were red wine stains on the carpet. He then left. The following day, a friend found Ellerin’s body. Kutcher was never a suspect.

Ashley Ellerin Biography

At the time of Ashley Ellerin’s death, she was 22 years old. She was a fashion student and model. It is unclear how long Ellerin and Kutcher were dating.

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