Todd Palin is Sarah Palin’s Husband

August 29, 2008

Meet Todd Palin, the husband of nominated Vice President Sarah Palin. See his family photos, biography and a cool video here.

He became Sarah Palin’s husband on August 29th, 1988, so for 20 years they have nourished what is by all accounts a loving, terrific relationship as husband and wife. Todd’s anniversary is the very day that his wife was named as the running mate for Senator John McCain. He has a very colorful background.

To further his biography, Todd is 44 years old. He eloped with Sarah right after she graduated from college 20 years ago when he was 24. The couple did not realize they needed a witness for a wedding, so they recruited two seniors from a retirement home next to the justice of the peace.

Todd is a world-class snowmobiler. He has won the Iron Dog snowmachine race three times, count ‘em three times. It is a 2,000 mile endurance race in Alaska similar to the Ideterod. We may need to get use to some interesting terminology unique to Alaska! That includes the ethnic term Yup’ik. He is 1/8th part Alaskan native American, although not technically Eskimo.

As a career he has worked the North Slope oil fields as a production engineer. During the summer he is a fisherman near the family’s hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.

That includes the word Yup’ik, which is Todd’s 1/8th ethnicity. He is part eskimo.

The first husband’s interests include fly-fishing, coaching hockey and basketball, and helping raise the babies of a busy first lady.

See more pictures of Todd Palin, Sarah and family below.

Todd Palin Video (Snowmobile)

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3 Responses to “Todd Palin is Sarah Palin’s Husband”

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    HiGuys Says:

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  2. 2
    Laurie Says:

    Todd Palin is an all-around great friend, father, and husband to Governor Palin. He is a contemporary husband that has no problem being a ‘Mr. Mom’. He is a great role model for young men and I hope to see more of him and Governor Palin in the lower 48 after she leaves office this weekend.

    It is a shame that the collaberation among the ethics complaint filers, the DNC, Alaska bloggers, Alaska Democrat politicians, and members of the Obama administration would resort to such low, corrupt tactics to attempt to destroy a great Rising North Star, who genuinely cares for her state and country.

    They have not destroyed her. Her resignation was a brilliant move on her part because she will be unrestrained with no need for political correctness, she can go after the corruption (and Obama) head on, as she will be more free to come and speak in the lower 48. Additionally, with the continuous harassment, libel, slander, and defamation attacks against her, specifically the multiple frivolous ethics complaints, Governor Palin did not want to waste state time and money to defend these baseless claims, she resigned so that Lt. Governor Parnell could finish the work their adminsitration bad begun.

    The muzzle’s nearly off, the Barracuda and the pit bull with lipstick will be free to roam. I hope to elect her as Madame President one day, hopefully after Obama’s destruction, we will still have the liberty to vote for our leaders. Sarah Palin will get my vote.

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    Schedule Says:

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