Jeremiah Wright Affair

September 9, 2008

Jeremiah Wright has been out of the spotlight since Barack Obama dissociated himself from Wright, and now we know why. He’s been busy carrying on an affair with a Texas church worker. Read the story and see photos and a video of Jeremiah Wright here.

In between damning America and claiming conspiracy theories, Jeremiah Wright’s been messing around with another man’s wife in Texas. The woman, 37-year-old Elizabeth Payne, is claiming that she had a sexual relationship with Jeremiah Wright, the 67-year-old former pastor of Barack Obama.

“I was involved with Rev. Wright, and that’s why I lost my job and why my husband divorced me,” Payne was quoted saying in Tuesday’s New York Post newspaper.

Payne says that she became involved with Wright when she was working as an executive assistant at Friendship-West Baptist Church in Dallas. The leader of the church, Rev. Frederick Haynes III, is a protege of Jeremiah Wright. The members of the church found out about the affair this past spring. Supposedly Payne met Wright when she was given the job of organizing Wright’s public appearances during April 2008.

“Liz was by Rev. Wright’s side day and night during those days,” a church source goes on to say.

Payne apparently likes older men. Her husband, 64-year old Fred Payne, said that he read numerous emails between his wife and Jeremiah Wright in which Wright told her that he planned to leave his wife, Ramah, for her. Fred Payne went on to say that members of the church, including the minister, would not be pleased about the interracial relationship. After listening to some of Wright’s anti-white sermons, it would seem that his congregation wouldn’t be too happy with the interracial aspect of the relationship either.

Payne doesn’t like the fact she lost her job because of the affair, and she has reportedly filed a wrongful-dismissal claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in order to get her job back.

Photos/pictures and a video of Jeremiah Wright are below.

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