Bristol Palin is Sarah Palin’s daughter

August 31, 2008

Rumors are flying that Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin’s teen-age daughter, is the real mother of 5-month old Trig Palin. Did Sarah Palin invent an elaborate cover-up to keep her daughter’s pregnancy out of the public eye? Read the story and see photos and video here.

So, is Trig really Sarah Palin’s baby, or is he her grandson? People are asking that question and are pushing for an answer. Most of the questions center around the fact that Sarah Palin didn’t announce her pregnancy until a few weeks before she gave birth. Photos of her teen-age daughter, Bristol (above right), originally described as taken in 2007 but now confirmed to have been taken in 2006 show Bristol with a rounded tummy. (Update: With the new date for the photo, however, that discredits that photo from “evidence.”) The story is further complicated in that Bristol was taken out of school this past year for up to five months because of a bad case of mono.

What do you think? I doubt that someone as politically savvy as Sarah Palin would be so naive as to believe she could keep such a monumental cover-up secret while running as VP of the USA. And why would she attempt the cover-up to begin with? Teenage pregnancies are a rather common fact of life in modern society. The “shame and disgrace” that people felt years ago are mostly nonexistent these days. I hope the Palin’s will provide proof that Trig is their own quickly in order to counter these rumors. And, if the rumors are true, then handle them immediately in order to end all the speculating.

Photos/pictures of the Palin family and a video of Sarah Palin at “7 months pregnant” are below.

Update: 9/1/08 – Sarah Palin announced today that her 17-year old daughter, Bristol is currently 5 months pregnant.

As we wrote before, Sarah Palin is much too smart to try to get away with a scam like the rumors suggested. Now we need to get on with the business of electing the best candidate for President and Vice President and leave all these tawdry personal rumors and attacks behind.

Video: Interview with Sarah Palin when she was 7 months pregnant with Trig

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49 Responses to “Bristol Palin is Sarah Palin’s daughter”

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  1. 1
    SteveJJ Says:

    Give me a freaking break. She wouldn’t be that stupid. Only John Edwards would try to cover something like that up.

  2. 2
    Garagey Says:

    My goodness. The rumor that the baby did not belong to Sarah Palin but her daughter has got to be the stupidest floated rumor of all time…even more stupid than 9/11 as an inside job and twice as dumb as the moon landing as a fraud. And so easy to diffuse.

    Sometimes I wonder if whoever makes this stuff up and floats it is an agent provocateur hired to expose the moonbat/ultra-fringe elements of the democratic party. This is what Rove does in his spare time. He creates these fairy tales, floats them on Kos and the boards, then he sits back and laughs and laughs when people buy into this trash.

    And yeah, SteveJJ, only Edwards would be that dumb.


  3. 3 Says:

  4. 4
    rawdawgbuffalo Says:

    watch it,
    Don’t matter because sarah got a gun

  5. 5
    Rob Says:

    Palin is going to be the Tom Eagleton of the GOP.

    There are lingering doubts about the story she is telling about the birth of her latest child, who has Down’s Syndrome, and who was reportedly born a month prematurely. In reality, it wasn’t Palin herself who had that child, it was her 16 year old daughter.

    Palin didn’t announce that she was preggers to her staffers for several months even though nothing sells in politics, especially in winger land, like motherhood.

    Then eight months pregnant, she says, she flew to an energy conference in Texas, where, during the night, she started leaking amniotic fluid. Her water broke and even though she supposedly knew that the baby was going to have Down’s Syndrome, which also brings with it possible severe complications, she made the speech and then, after getting the okay to FLY FOR 12 HOURS BACK TO ALASKA despite the threat of sepsis, which could have killed both her and the child, she landed in Seattle, talked to the physician, who said it was okay for her to make her connecting flight back to Alaska.

    She arrived 9n Alaska and gave birth the next morning.

    Now my mother is a former pediatric nurse (retired in 2000 after about 30 years on the job) and she told me this story is “fishier than tuna” and finds it “unbelievable” that a physician would allow her to get back on a plane rather than urging her to immediately seek medical attention. At the very least, Palin acted negligently and my mother thinks that the physician did not tell her to get on that plane.

    Here is likely what really happened:

    At 4 a.m. Texas time, she gets a cellphone call that her daughter’s water had broken. Palin had to keep the story congruent with what was happening to her daughter, so she told everyone her water had broken when that was not the case. She called her daughter’s physician before she got on the plane and flew to Seattle and then called him again before flying on home. The daughter gave birth the next morning.

    Oh, I didn’t mention one thing: Palin’s daughter had been pulled out of school five months before she gave birth, ostensibly for “mono.” In a lot of neighborhoods in America, “mono” is a code word for “I got knocked up” or “I did some time in a correctional facility” among juveniles. How convenient.

    Palin had to maintain this charade because she didn’t want her Christian Right followers to know that her daughter had given birth out of wedlock and sinned. She has thus lied to the media and the American people and she will be greeted like Linda Smith (the murderer) by her evangelical following, who she also lied to, if she is found out.

    The selection of her by McCain also follows a pattern of behavior. He has always been highly impulsive, his native impatience marked by his refusal, for example, to read flight manuals while he was in the Navy. He was protected by his father, a big shot admiral, and could get away with it. He womanized like it was going out of style and crashed at least four airplanes (millions in taxpayer money, also making him a worse pilot turned pol than Bob Dornan) before he was shot down by the North Vietnamese. But even there, he was treated relatively gently compared to the treatment meted out to other and lesser known prisoners.

    His first wife saw him through his convalescence and then he jumped into an affair with his current wife. His impulsiveness raised its head again after meeting Palin just once before naming her his VP nominee.

    Once she is found out and forced to step down, that will make McCain’s presidential bid a Campaign to Nowhere. Neither of these two has the integrity to be the leader of the free world. And the above demonstrates that amply.

    As for the physician, who has backed up Palin’s story, there are one of either two motives at work here: one, he or the medical group he might be a part of didn’t want to lose a high powered client or possible further state business. It will be interesting to see if any Alaska state money ends up in this guy’s bank account for state-related things other than treating Palin.

    Secondly, he could want to be the next Bill Frist and run for office and Palin’s connections could help him a lot there.

    Whatever the case, both her and he are lying, I believe.

  6. 6
    tom Says:

    I’m so pissed at you liberal smear artists as an Independent McCain just got my vote.
    Look at this proof from NORMAL people uploading their images

    SHOWING pregnant April 08

    compared to her earlier lean waistline

    Trim tummy AUG 05

    Trim Tummy AUG 07

    keep up the smears – it will just push more independents McCains way

  7. 7
    ann Says:

    This is NOT a stupid story. It is true, people in Alaska have been saying this for a while. Sarah Palin was covering up for political reasons, and doesn’t believe in abortion even in cases of rape and incest so her daughter was forced to have it. Her daughter was pulled out of school for 5months up until the time of Trig’s birth from mono. I don’t know what person is out for that long from mono or only gains weight in the boobs and belly from mono. Either way trust me the truth will be uncovered, this isn’t emotionally fair to Bristol, this will cause her long damage emotionally. Bristol is wearing a ring on her wedding finger, you can see when John McCain announced Sarah Palin. Sarah has lied about her abuse of power and that is why she is under investigation for firing a state trooper… who so happens to be her ex brother in law who was in a custody battle. Sarah Palin was giving a speech for big oil when she claims her water broke, then stayed to give a speech, then got on a plane for eight hours when flight attendants have gone on record saying it was not apparent that she was pregnant. Next Sarah Palin’s website that had a lot of family photo’s well the link is now dead.

  8. 8
    SmickSmack Says:

    An interesting note: If Palin had a baby bump under her shirt, and she was faking, does this mean Palin was sticking a pillow under her shirt to make everyone think she was pregnant?
    What does the birth certificate say for the baby? Who are listed as the parents?
    Who was the real father of the baby?
    Were any laws broken, false documents etc…

  9. 9
    Anie Says:

    That picture? The newspaper itself identified the phot as taken in 2006.
    The baby was not born until 2008. Neither was pregnant at the time.

    As for what happened, the doctor talked about the delivery, back in April for the Anchorage Daily News. Now a doctor might lie about this and risk losing their license, but the doctor did talk about it.

  10. 10
    John Says:

    This story is begging for evidence – on one side or the other. If Trig is Sarah’s child, there should be ample proof. The fact that there does not seem to be a photo or a video that clearly shows her as pregnant is very suspicious. There are way too many holes in this story.

    Frankly, I don’t buy it. But, more than anything, this timeline shows Sarah is a negligent, poor mother. A responsible mother does not take a cross-continent flight after her water has broken. Especially with a high risk pregnancy!

    As mentioned above, Trig’s birth could have been very problematic. She should not have boarded the flight in Dallas without consulting her doctor. Further, it is very odd that the flight staff did not even notice that she was pregnant.

    Very fishy indeed.

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