Jenna Buhmann Is Katy Perry’s 16 Year Old Kiss

August 23, 2008

Jenna Buhmann is super excited about the kiss she shared with Katy Perry. She has posted the video and photos of it up on her various social websites and Youtube account, which you can see here.

Katy Perry has had the biggest hit this summer with her sexy single “I kissed A Girl,�? but the singer took her lyrics to another level while performing at the Washington location of the Warped Tour. Towards the end of her song, Katy spotted 16-year-old Jenna Buhmann and kissed her. Jenna is a lesbian and she definitely liked it. Jenna had this to say about the kiss.

“I puckered up my lips, she let go of the bodyguard’s arm, grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her. I grabbed her face, put my hand on the back of her head and just kissed her. The crowd went crazy…It was so exhilarating, it was such a rush. She was a good kisser and she had very soft lips….The kiss didn’t last that long, but to me it felt like it lasted for ever. She’s a pretty attractive, sexy lady.�?

Now the kiss may have been a sheer from of entertainment and fun, but not every parent would be happy about their daughter sharing a lesbian kiss with a pop-rocker chick at any age, especially if they are only 16. In fact, in the recent weeks, Katy’s pastor parents have spoken out against their daughter’s success over her “I Kissed A Girl�? hit, calling it “shameful and disgusting.�?

What are your thoughts? Was Katy out of line to kiss a 16-year-old fan?

See more photos and watch the kiss video below.

Katy Perry Kisses Jenna Buhmann Video

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