Tom Starr Is Melanie Chisholm’s Boyfriend

August 23, 2008

Meet Tom Starr, the boyfriend of Spice Girl Mel C., who is soon to be the father of their child. Read more and see pictures and video here.

Melanie Chisholm is the latest celeb to announce she is expecting a child. The child will be she and property developer boyfriend Tom Starr’s first. She is also the last of the Spice Girls to have a child. The 34 year old singer put the rumors to rest on her website this week when she confirmed that she and her boyfriend of six years, Thomas Starr are expecting a child. She wrote:

“Some happy news! Well, I can now announce that Tom and I are expecting a baby and we are very happy. As I’m sure you’ll understand, we needed time to wait for results and tell our families. Thank you for all your kindness, good wishes and support (even if it was based on speculation!)�?

Mel C. also added that she has begun writing for her fifth solo album, but will be taking some time off for the baby. However the singer reassures us that she will be back before we know it.

Tom Starr and Melanie Chisholm make quite the cute couple, so I am sure the baby will be adorable.

See more pictures and video after the jump.

Mel C. Pregnant Video

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