Kelli Dawson Is Casey Aldridge’s Cheat

August 14, 2008

Meet Kelli Dawson, the woman alleging that she slept with Casey Aldridge while his fiancé, Jamie Lynn Spears, was six months pregnant. Read more and see photos and video here.

Kelli Dawson is much older than Casey Aldridge, and has come forward with the story to In Touch Weekly. Dawson says that she and Aldridge had a relationship, and even slept together while his 16-year-old fiancé, Jamie Lynn, was pregnant with their child. Kelli, who is 28 years old, looks like an older, rougher version of Jamie Lynn and says that Casey, 19, began pursuing her in 2006 while he was already dating Jamie Lynn. However, Kelli claims that they didn’t do anything but kiss until spring of 2007, when they started sleeping together (which would conveniently make Casey of legal age).

In Touch even talked to Britney Spears’ first husband, Jason Alexander, who told them that Kelli and Casey were on and off for a few years. He says,

“Kelli and Casey have been a couple on and off for a few years. They were a really tight couple, but I think it was hard for Kelli, having Jamie Lynn in the picture.�?

Kelli says that she and Casey stopped sleeping together just before Jamie Lynn gave birth to Maddie. She said,

“It just didn’t feel right. He had to deal with the baby coming, and it had to stop.�?

See more pictures of Kelli Dawson here.

Casey Aldridge Cheated on Jamie Lynn!

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2 Responses to “Kelli Dawson Is Casey Aldridge’s Cheat”

  1. 1
    chelsea Says:

    It’s funny because kelli dawson is only making herself look like a slut by publishing what she said in the magazine.
    SHE IS DISGUSTING and i think that she should be sued.

  2. 2
    Russ Says:

    If the world could only know the entire truth then they would not say all these bad things about Kelli. I have known Kelli most of my life and she is a very beautiful person, not this sick money hungry whore as people are saying. The world should not judge her when they don’t know her and all of the story.