Victoria Pendleton is a Hot Cyclist

August 14, 2008

Victoria Pendleton is an English track cycling champion, but she’s also easy on the eyes. Pendleton has had several major wins on her bike, and she’s also posed nude. You can see her biography, photos and video below.

Victoria Pendleton Biography

Victoria Pendleton was born September 24, 1980 which makes her age 27. She hails from the UK, born in Stotfold, Bedfordshire. Pendleton started riding early, competing in her first race at the age of 9. She continued riding, but focused mainly on her education when she was younger. It wasn’t until her graduation from Northumbria University that she became a full time cyclist.

Pendleton credits her father and twin brother for getting her into the sport. The push has given Victoria many victories over the years. She won one bronze and three silvers in 2001 and hasn’t looked back. She has won six golds in the World Championships over the last few years. In fact, she was the most decorated athlete of the 2007 Track Cycling World Championships. She is one of the favorites for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Outside of cycling, she gained attention from what the Timesonline referred to as a “porno shoot.” I would call it more of a glamour spread. Victoria says she enjoyed doing the sponsor’s promotion. Don’t let the above picture fool you, she can glam it up.

“I love dressing-up and really enjoyed it,�? she says. “I’m still a girl and love putting a frock on and high heels and feeling feminine. I worry sometimes with all of the training I do that I won’t look feminine; that I’m not very attractive. So it’s nice sometimes to make the effort and (sounding posh) ‘feel like a lady’.�?

Check out the photos here. She also appeared on the cover of Observer Sports Monthly wearing a lot less. In fact, Pendleton was completely nude, except for wearing her Trek bike and cycling shoes. The woman looks fantastic. Check out the photo here.

You can see more photos and video of Pendleton below.

Victoria Pendleton Video

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