Shelley Malil is “40-Year-Old Virgin” Arrest

August 12, 2008

Shelley Malil is an actor who appeared in the film “40-Year-Old Virgin.” Malil was reportedly arrested after stabbing an ex-girlfriend. You can see his biography, photos and video below.

The unidentified woman is reportedly in critical condition after being stabbed as many as twenty times. is also saying the victim’s children were home at the time. The attacker was able to escape a neighbor’s attempt to stop him.

Malil was arrested later at an Amtrak station in San Diego.

Shelley Malil Biography

As a biography, Shelley Malil was born December 23, 1964, which makes his age 43. He was born in Kerala, India and immigrated to the United States when he was 10-years-old in 1974.

Malil’s first attention grabbing acting gig came in the Budweiser commercial with the “What are you doing?” theme. He may best be known for playing Haziz in the Judd Apatow film, “40-Year-Old Virgin,” but he has also appeared in many different projects. On television, Malil has appeared in “Jag,” “Reba,” “Scrubs” and “Without a Trace” among others.

The woman who was attacked it expected to survive her injuries but neighbors, including Charleton Lee, are reporting a very scary scene.

“Her chin was almost entirely cut off. She had a huge gash in her arm that looked like a really deep wound that was bleeding profusely,” Lee said. “She asked me to hold her and I could feel a lot of gashes in her back as well.”

Our thoughts are with her and her family. Hopefully, she will make a complete recovery. Pictures and video of Shelley Malil can be seen below.

You can see photos of Malil here.

Shelley Malil Video

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    shelley malil photos Says:

    […] Shelley Malil is “40-Year-Old Virginâ€? Arrest Right Celebrity , USA – Aug 12, 2008 – 4 hours ago Malil was reportedly arrested after stabbing an ex-girlfriend. You can see his biography and photos below. The unidentified woman is reportedly in critical … clipped from Google – 8/2008 Kendra Beebe Photos: Victim in Knife Attack Identified, Shelley … National Ledger , USA – Aug 12, 2008 – 1 hour ago By Tina Sims The victim in a knife attack that involved actor Shelley Malil near San Diego has been identified. According to a report from the AOL … […]

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    Hollywood Gossip - Life Altering Knowledge - and More! Says:

    Shelley Malil Stabbed Ex-Girlfriend Over 20 Times – Charged With Attempted Murder….

    And we all thought Britney Spears was crazy! I’ve always known that the quiet ones are the ones you’ve really got to watch.

    If you were to mention Shelley Malil’s name last week, I would have had no idea who you were talking about….