Kate Hudson Hairy Lawsuit

August 26, 2008

Kate Hudson is involved in a hairy lawsuit. A California firm claims she got her ideas for hair care products from them. Read the story and see photos and a video of Kate Hudson here.

Kate Hudson has been sued by a firm that claims that she and hair stylist-to-the-stars David Babaii developed hair care products using volcanic ash based on the firm’s ideas.

“Without merit” is how both Kate Hudson and David Babaii responded via their representatives to the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed by 220 Laboratories, Inc., a California corporation.
220 Laboratories claim that the company had an “oral contract” with Babaii to develop and manufacture hair care products in 2006. Their plan was to use volcanic ash from the Vanuatu Islands of the South Pacific in their products. However, instead of working with 220 Laboratories, David Babaii used a company called Universal Packaging Systems Inc. to develop the products – which, of course, use volcanic ash.

In an interview with Vogue magazine in 2007, Kate Hudson said she was one of the developers of “David Babaii for WildAid” – the hair care products company in which she and Babaii are partners. The company donates ten percent of profits to WildAid, a wildlife conservation group.

Sounds like a “he said – she said” situation. A verbal contract is hard to prove. Still, “volcanic ash” in hair care products?

Photos/pictures and a video of Kate Hudson are below.

Video: Kate Hudson on Regis and Kelly

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