Sophie Monk in Playboy!

August 24, 2008

Sophie Monk has reportedly been offered a million dollars to pose for Playboy magazine. It would certainly increase her (ahem!) exposure, and it will bring the Aussie actress more attention stateside. Read the story and see photos and video here.

Sophie Monk might get a cool $1 million to pose for Playboy. Supposedly she received the offer back when she was dating Benji Madden, but the Good Charlotte rocker made her turn it down. Now that Benji has moved on to Paris, leaving Sophie an independent woman able to make up her own mind, things may change. Supposedly she is re-considering the million. And her rep doesn’t deny the report.

Playboy reportedly feels that Sophie Monk would break their sales records, especially in Australia. Although Monk was born in England, she moved to Australia at an early age and grew up there.

I’m wondering how Holly, Bridget and Kendra (the “Girls Next Door”) are handling the brouhaha over Sophie Monk.

Photos/pictures and a video of Sophie Monk are below.

Video: Sophie Monk

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