Lesley Vogel Panettiere is Hayden Panettiere’s Mom

August 11, 2008

Lesley Vogel Panettiere is the mother of “Heroes” actress Hayden Panettiere. You can see her biography, photos and video below.

Lesley Panettiere and her husband, Alan, were allegedly involved in an spousal altercation. TMZ reports the two had an argument that turned physical.

“Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Alan and Lesley Panettiere were at a party earlier in the evening. We’re told Alan was upset because Lesley was “hanging” with someone at the shindig and he felt she was “disrespecting” him.

Sources say, according to Lesley’s statement to Sheriffs, the couple went home, began arguing and he struck her in the cheek. We’re told cops took pictures and there are visible marks.”

Alan did not give a statement and there is no word on whether Hayden was there at the time.

Lesley Panettiere Biography

All that’s really known about Lesley Panettiere is that she is a former soap star and is Hayden’s “momager.” She has also drawn some comparisons to Dina Lohan. No news on what the relationship is between mom and daughter these days but they have had their differences. One argument was photographed and you can see it here.

As far as the situation between Hayden’s parents, I’m sure more information will emerge. Some information is already coming out. It doesn’t sound good. In fact, Access Hollywood says Alan was arrested on a felony count of domestic violence. They are also saying Lesley was visibly injured. Mr. Panettiere is in custody on $50,000 bail.

You can see more pictures and video of Lesley and her daughter below.

Lesley Panettiere Video

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