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August 9, 2008

Instead of a oopsy doopsy slip, Lily Allen gave the paparazzi a slip shot on two separate occasions in the same day. Check out the pictures below.

Lily Allen was visiting Ed Simons’, her ex-boyfriend, in London when her girls flopped completely out of her shirt. Allen was wearing a very loose, low cut white t-shirt that left little to the imagination when she leaned over a little bit to exit the car. You can see family safe redacted images of Allen’s slip from just about every angle here. It was so obvious, in fact, some thought the move was deliberate. Lily put those rumors to rest with a quickness on her blog.

hello , i wore a loose fitting t shirt yesterday . I was very hot in London yesterday , and it’s no secret I don’t like wearing bras , besides i don’t need to, measuring in at 32A it hardly seems necessary .My boob fell out twice and people on the blogs are saying it was a publicity stunt . Can I just say , i have been keeping myself very much to myself recently , i’ve been gardening , decorating my new flat and looking after my greiving grandfather.

If i wanted publicity , i’d be accepting invitations not to mention money for turning up to glamourous events. I’m actually trying really hard to be out of the public eye , as I’m really proud of the work i’ve put into my album and I want people to appreciate the music , yes I enjoy attention and praise , thats why i went into this job . But don’t accuse me of purposely slipping out of my clothes to get attention and press. I hate the fact that there are always 10 middle aged men following me everywhere that i go…Anyway my point is , i would never use my body in that way , I’m just not that kind of girl.

But, hours after the first slip, the girl has another wardrobe malfunction. Classic. You can see those pictures here. The look on her face is priceless. Rumor has it flashing her boobs got a little old that day so after exposure #2, she put on a bra.

You can see more Lily Allen photos and video below.

Lily Allen Video

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