Olympics Opening Ceremony (Video)

August 8, 2008

The 2008 Olympics are underway. The Opening Ceremony – especially the Parade of Athletes – is always inspiring as we watch athletes from around the world come together in the spirit of athletic competition. Read about the 2008 Beijing Olympics and see photo and video here.

The 2008 Olympic Games got underway today, August 8, 2008 (08-08-08) in Beijing China. The Parade Of Athletes is one of the first parts of the Opening Ceremony. Athletes enter the Olympic Stadium with the Greek team being first, and the Chinese host team being last. Each country’s team is led by a placard holder. This year’s placard holders’ uniforms have the features of the traditional Chinese mandarin gown. The placard is designed as a Chinese painting scroll. Altogether there are over 10,000 athletes who will compete in this year’s Olympics.

The Olympic Game tradition originated in ancient Greece. They were first held from 776 B.C. to A.D. 393. They then had a very long hiberation before the modern Olympic Games were begun in 1896. The Olympic Games were revived in an effort to encourage world peace and friendship – and to foster athletic competition for young people around the world. Winter Games began in 1924, and for many years were held in the same year. In 1994, the Winter and Summer Games were divided and put on 4-year schedules with two years between them.

Enjoy the following video of the welcome the Iraqi athletes received when they entered the stadium during tonight’s Opening Ceremony.

Video: Opening Ceremony Beijing Olympics 2008

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One Response to “Olympics Opening Ceremony (Video)”

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    No NBC Says:

    Forget NBC! Their web coverage yesterday was beyond terrible! You could watch everything EXCEPT the Opening Ceremony.

    China was the place to go on the web! They had excellent coverage. NBC could learn from them!