Dayana Mendoza Scandal Photos

August 8, 2008

Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza is no longer in danger of losing her crown for the nude photos that surfaced. The pictures, in which Dayana posed covering her breasts, were not naughty photos, but were for a modeling job she landed for a jewelry ad campaign. As much as the world would have liked them to be sexy scandalous pictures, there is no such luck.

The photo was for an ad campaign that Dayana posed for long before she was a contestant in Miss Universe. The President of the Miss Universe organization defended the picture saying,

“Dayana is not in jeopardy of losing the title. We embrace and respect her success as a model and the artistic beauty captured in these photographs. They are artistic in nature and don’t have an ounce of pornographic content to them.�?

Dayana posed for the Italian jewelry company when she was just fifteen. Posing at fifteen is seen as taboo here in the states, and even classified as child porn. However in European countries nudity is not such a big deal.

Clearly, many are disappointed that the nude picture of Dayana Mendoza is nothing to make a big deal about. See the photo here to judge for yourself. If you can’t get enough of Miss Universe and her sexiness, check out The Bastardly. They have a Taliana Vargas & Dayana Mendoza lesbian sex fantasy contest going on, so you can head on over there to check it out.

See more pictures and video after the jump.

Dayana Mendoza Video

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One Response to “Dayana Mendoza Scandal Photos”

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    someday Says:

    no big deal, it’s juz an italian ad campaign and she was the model

    Dayana’s still the best