Marisel Garcia Is Web Cam Spy Hacker Victim

August 5, 2008

Meet Marisel Garcia, the victim of a Web Cam Spy Hacker at the University of Florida. See her biography, photos and video here.

Marisel recently found herself the victim of the Web Cam Spy Hacker program. After dropping her laptop off with Craig Matthew Feigin for a tune-up, she found that the battery was draining faster than normal and the little light by her built-in camera kept coming on if she walked by it. It turns out Feigin installed a program on her computer that allowed him to download images of Marisel without her knowledge. In fact, he downloaded 20,000 images of her, her boyfriend, and her friends in various stages of undress. Upon questioning, Feigin admitted to altering the laptop, and doing the same to 8 or 9 others.

Marisel Garcia Biography

As a biography, Marisel Garcia lives in Hialeah, Florida. She was visiting friends over the 4th of July in Gainesville when she took her troubled laptop to Feigin, age 23, for repair. He had come highly recommended by others on the University of Florida campus. Feigin, a business student, has been charged with a felony and held on $20,000 bond.

Now photos of Marisel have been circulated around the world. Otherwise, not much is known about the victim of this creepy crime.

See a video of the news story below.

Marisel Garcia Video

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