Anne Hathaway Photos Scandal

August 5, 2008

Just when you thought things were getting a little boring in Hollywood, another nude photo scandal leaks out onto the net. This time good girl Anne Hathaway is the celebrity who is expected to have nude pictures leaked. Read more and see different photos here.

Anne Hathaway’s former boyfriend/scam artist Raffaello Follieri is causing some serious inconveniences for her. According to several reputable news agencies, the FBI has confiscated some nude photos of the actress. According to Gawker, Raffaello Follieri took naked photos of Anne. He also allegedly hired a professional photographer to take some risqué photos of her. These photos are said to be of Anne wearing black fishnet stockings, a garter belt, and bustier that bears her breasts.

When Anne got word that the FBI was looking for some stuff, she sent her brother to get the pictures out of there. I betcha he’s glad he got out of that one. Hopefully.

Gawker gives it two weeks before the pictures are leaked. Let the anticipation begin.

See more photos and video of the sexy and talented Anne Hathaway below.

Beautiful Anne Hathaway Video

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