Anton Dunn Arrested in Baby Food Threat

July 31, 2008

Anton Dunn is a miserable excuse for a human being and the person behind making threats on YouTube about Gerber. He claims to have directed the poisoning of the company’s baby food with cyanide. You can see the story below.

Anton Dunn is 42-years-old and was arrested after he posted videos on YouTude announcing to the world his plot to kill babies by poisoning Gerber baby food. He claimed to have convinced employees of Gerber to tamper with millions of jars of baby food.

“Prosecutors said Gerber had not found any evidence that its product had been tampered with, and the man was charged with making threats and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product.”

Gerber is saying, thankfully, this never happened.

“We are aware of a recent posting on the Internet and believe this is a malicious hoax,” said David Mortazavi. “The safety of Gerber and Nestle Nutrition products is our top priority. We are taking this issue seriously, and are cooperating fully with federal authorities.”

If convicted, Dunn, who calls himself “The Trashman,” faces up to five years for each count he faces. I hope the judge throws the book at him. Specifically, the charges are “sending threats and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product.”

You can see the disgusting, disturbing video below.

Anton Dunn Video

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One Response to “Anton Dunn Arrested in Baby Food Threat”

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    Anna Says:

    I stumbled onto one of this guy’s YouTube videos one day by accident. It wasn’t even really about him, he was filming some poor prostitute…Horrible guy.