Jai Pausch is Randy Pausch’s Wife

July 25, 2008

Jai Pausch is the wife of “Last Lecture” author, Randy Pausch. Randy’s lecture became an internet sensation and his words were an inspiration to millions. Sadly, Randy lost his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 47 in his family’s home in Chesapeake, Virginia. You can see Jai’s biography, photos and video of his speech below.

Randy and his wife appeared on “Good Morning America” with Diane Sawyer. You can see several videos and interviews with both Jai and Randy here. Randy also made an appearance on Oprah. All for a speech he says was written, not for the people who attended or the millions who watched on the internet, but solely for his three children.

“I think it’s great that so many people have benefited from this lecture, but the truth of the matter is that I didn’t really even give it to the 400 people at Carnegie Mellon who came. I only wrote this lecture for three people, and when they’re older, they’ll watch it,”

It was Randy’s goal to create memories for his family when he was no longer here.

Jai Pausch Biography

Jai Glasgow was a literature graduate student who met Randy at a lecture. He was 37 and had never been married. According to his own family, Randy was quite a ladies man. But Jai was different.

“When I met Jai, things just completely changed.”

It was seven years after their wedding, August 2006, that Randy received the news from doctors about having incurable pancreatic cancer. Almost a year later, September 18, 2007, Randy delivered “The Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University on September 18, 2007. After the overwhelming out pour of letters and the incouragement of Jai, Randy turned his lecture into a book.

“We just felt . . . if I can find some way to make lemonade for somebody else out of these lemons, then let’s do that,” he said.

There is one very touching part of the book that occured during the lecture itself and involved Jai. The day before he gave the speech was Jai’s birthday so Randy recognized it during his lecture. A cake with a large candle was brought out and the audience sang Happy Birthday. Jai came onstage and hugged Randy. She then whispered something to him. In the book, Pausch reveals Jai said, “Please don’t die.”

“Jai wanted that in. She felt that was important. What Jai wants, Jai gets.”

I read Randy’s story one morning while having breakfast in a hotel. I had no realization of the national attention he had already received. I just thought the exerpts included in that article were amazing. I ripped out the little portion on “Look for the Best in Everyone.” That torn, wrinkled piece of newspaper is still tacked on the bulletin board at my desk. My heart goes out to the entire family. Along with Jai, Randy is survived by their three children, Dylan, Logan and Chloe.

You can see video of the “Last Lecture” below.

Last Lecture Video

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33 Responses to “Jai Pausch is Randy Pausch’s Wife”

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  1. 1
    Kalai Says:

    When I heard Dr. Randy’s lecture and saw his beautiful family, I prayed every day since then for them and for Dr. Randy to have a miraculous cure. But I ended each prayer with “thy Will be done, not mine.” I don’t understand why Dr. Randy is gone, but my heart goes out to him and to his family. Somehow this fits into the destiny of things unfathomable and perhaps some day we’ll understand it.

  2. 2
    Aimee Disney Says:

    I just wanted to express my condolances to Jai and her children. My husband just passed away on May 31, 2008 of a very rare cancer. Our daughter was born 5 1/2 years ago with a Brain Tumor. I was so inspired by Randy’s lecture. I know my husband would have been but he was too sick at the time to appreciate it. I just wanted you to know that I understand what you are going through right now. I have just been there myself. Your children will be your inspiration and you will have your memories and Randy’s legacy forever. Your husband was an amazing man. My thoughts are with you and your children tonight. Aimee Disney

  3. 3
    Laurie Says:

    I felt compelled to reach out about this gripping story for four reasons. Like Randy Pausch, I was born in 1960; I am a native of Pittsburgh, PA; I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer when I was 27; Her name was Alice. My deep empathy, sympathy, and compassion go out Jai, Dylan, Logan, and Chloe Pausch.

  4. 4
    Becky Austin Says:

    i am so sorry for you and your children
    what a wonderful loving person you have lost
    i know you will be strong and raise your kids with the values you and randy posess
    good luck to you for a bright future and may the memories of randy live with you and in your children
    god bless

  5. 5
    Keta Agarwal Says:

    My deepest condolensces to Jai & her kids. May GOD give you the strength to bear this tremendous loss and carry on to give your kids the life you & Randy dreamt of. Jai..You are an inspiration to many many of us just like your extraordinary husband. Randy & you have touched us in so many ways, taught to live life to it’s fullest and live passionately every single day. I never let my kids do things which would mess up the house. Today I let them make the dough with kitchen in a mess…as Randy said to let kids do what they want sometimes. Randy has made an everlasting impression on us. May GOD bless his soul.

  6. 6
    Elizabeth Ward Says:

    My deepest sympathies to Jai and the children. We have lost an incredible man who was an inspiration not just to his family but to the world. His candle has gone out but not his legacy. He will be remembered forever.

  7. 7
    Ashley Austin Says:

    Jai, know that you have a nation praying with and for you. I began to read your husband’s story after his appearance on Oprah and have not been the same since. As a graduate student, I have sat through many lectures but I have never been so inspired. I know that you and your children will never forget all of the wonderful memories that you all shared as a family and I will never forget his words of wisdom. May God bless and keep you in the days ahead. Much love…

  8. 8
    “Only What’s Done For Christ…?: An Open Letter to Skeptics Says:

    […] can also guess at two things about Mrs. Pausch. First, and sadly, she may have agreed with Randy’s apparent worldview and with his willingness […]

  9. 9
    christine orlandi Says:

    What a wonderful, wonderful human being, with wisdom that I wish I had had access to years ago. Thank you Jai, for sharing him with so many, and may you find peace and happiness as you watch your children grow into all he had hoped; which I’m sure they will.

  10. 10
    Didi Lapinski Says:

    I just finished one of the best book I have ever read, The Last Lecture. What an amazing and beautiful family. Jai, I am sure that your days are difficult, but please know that there are many praying for all of you.

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